New Filtration System Q&A

As of May 2017 all of our Float Tents will have a new filtration system. This new pump will have one high-powered, 1,700 Gallons per hour (6,500 liters) pump, which will be replacing the previous 2 pump system. 

The goal was to work out any kinks we were having with the the old filtration system and deliver a more proficient product to our customers. Watch the video below to get all the details:

To answer any initial questions we put together this Q & A style post:

  1. Why did we make the change? 

    We have always been searching for the highest powered submersible pump available. We learned early on that over-kill on pumps and cleaning is the way to go. Why not have the extra power? 
  2. How much difference will it make? 

    The previous pumps were about 500 gallons per hour, making a total of 1,000 gallons an hour. With our new single pump it's about 1,700 gallons per hour, so almost double powered. 
  3. Why submersible? 

    Since our goal is home floating we always keep space in mind. By having submersible pumps it cuts down the footprint of owning a tank. In may situations there is barely room for the tank as is, so adding an external pump would be too much. 
  4. Any change to the hoses? 

    YES! We switched to a PTFE hose which basically eliminates bacteria. This is because at a micro level there are no grooves for bacteria to grow. 
  5. Why is the pump at the front of the tank now? 

    We decided to move the pumps to the front for easier access through the door. The water is still sent down a tube to the other end of the tank, creating total water circulation.
  6. What's the "T" connector in the pipe for? 
    This adds an outlet for the water to jet out of, creating water movement. Water movement helps cleaning by mixing the surface water in. When the water is moving and mixing it can all go through the submersible pump and be cleaned. 
  7. Will the new filtration design work with old filter bags? 

    Yes. All filter bags still work with the new design. This is great if you're thinking about upgrading. 
This outlines the water flow of the new High-Powered Single Pump Filtration System

This outlines the water flow of the new High-Powered Single Pump Filtration System

I will say our new filtration system is obviously more powerful. You can see the water movement and the water looks fresher, faster. If you have any other questions, please email us at, and we'll add them to this blog.