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Our Mission

The benefits of floating are so powerful that we want everyone to float! We want everyone to feel better, and to actually be better. We want people suffering from pain to find relief. We want athletes to perform better, and depression sufferers to feel alive. We want floating to be inexpensive and accessible!


Our Story

We began as a team of three floating enthusiasts dedicated to sharing this life-changing practice with others. Like many others new to the floating experience, we had to balance the amazing positive effects of floating with poor access to float tanks and expensive memberships. We sincerely want people to try floating, and after several iterations of DIY projects it became clear that there was a growing, unmet demand for affordable, accessible flotation.

We launched our company, Zen Float Co on Kickstarter four years ago when we created the world's first affordable home float tent. Since then, we've sold tents all around the world and gotten hundreds of people floating at home. We've learned a ton about the challenges of floating at home and have taken that knowledge and used it to build our best product yet: the new inflatable Zen Float Tank. We now have thousands of floaters all around the world using our tanks and floating regularly at home.  


Float Culture

In the last 40 years, the positive effects of floating have been scientifically documented and studied though hundreds of research studies. Papers have appeared in publications such as: The American Journal of PsychologyThe American Journal of Social Psychology and Science Magazine. The benefits are unquestionable. What is questionable is why isn't everyone doing it?

Most float tanks are in the $10K-30K mark. We have priced the Zen float tent at a mere $2,200. Why? We want to get a lot more people floating!

An average session at a float center costs $70, and floating once a week would cost around $3,600 a year. The Zen Float Tent allows you to float at your convenience, as much as you want, in the privacy of your own home.


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