How to optimize your float time

People often wonder how to get the most out of their floating practice. We often get questions like when is the best time to float and how long should I float for? Some people prefer mornings and some prefer nights, while some like to float for 90 minutes and others 30 minutes. Really, it all comes down to personal preference and your lifestyle. Below are some tips on finding your optimal float time and how to utilize that to get the most benefit.

When is the best time to float?

  1. Early Morning - If you already have a morning routine or want to develop one, floating is a great tool to mix into that. Floating in the morning will set the tone for the rest of the day. It will help you get focused and mentally prepare you for any unexpected or upcoming challenges.

  2. Lunch Break Float - Many of us get the midday sleepies, and would love a nap after lunch. Rather than napping, a quick afternoon float session can restore your energy and give you the boost to get through the rest of the day with alertness and proficiency. 

  3. After Work Float - This is probably the most preferred time to float because it helps you relax after a stressful day of work. And because you have nowhere else to be, you can spend the most time in the tank at this point in the day.

  4. Stressed-Out Float - Sometimes life just becomes too much and we feel anxious, stressed out and overwhelmed. This can be one of the best times to float because it will instantly relax you and settle your mind. Often times, when we are too busy to float, that is when we need it the most. And even just 30 minutes in the tank will improve your well-being and productivity.  

 How long should I float?

  1. 30 minutes - depending on when you float and how often you float, 30 minutes might be all the time you have and all the time you need. If you float as part of your morning routine or during your lunch break, 30 minutes is a quick way to calm the mind, de-stress and refocus

  2. 60 minutes - One hour is usually recommended to those who are new to floating. It gives enough time to relax and find a deep meditation without feeling too long.

  3. 90 minutes or longer - Going for 90 minutes or longer can take you into a very deep meditative experience, if you are willing and ready. Usually recommended for experienced floaters or those suffering from pain. Alternatively, if you only float once a week taking more time in the tent can be bring you more benefit.   

What it comes down to is choosing a time that best suits your needs, which may take some experimenting. Email us at if you have questions other ways you like to float.  

About the author: 

My name's Monique! I recently graduated from college and am currently a yoga instructor who will complete a 500 hour Yoga Teacher Training in August 2017. I also co-founded ZenAF, a space dedicated to helping millennials learn how to meditate and create their most kickass life.