5 Ways to Keep Your Zen While Traveling

It’s officially summer-time, which means lots of sunshine, lots of adventures and lots of traveling. Though traveling is amazing and opens us up to new experiences, a lot of anxiety can come up during a vacation. We can become stressed about travel plans, packing and where we will be staying. Traveling also puts us out of our routine and throws us into a completely foreign environment which can bring up anxiety as well. To help you stay calm and centered during your vacations, here are 5 ways to keep your zen while traveling:

  1. Plan a float before your trip

    To help start your trip calm and centered, plan a float session just before you leave. This will get you into the zen mindset, relax your mind and your body and prepare you for anything that may come up.
  2. Meditate

    During your travel time and while on your vacation, take time to meditate. This can be especially important to do as soon as you arrive at your destination so you can get yourself grounded in this new environment. Meditating will help calm your system and make apparent any underlying issues that are causing anxiety.    

  3. Looking up float centers

    If you have the time and want to find a deep meditation on your trip, you can look into visiting a local float center. Floating is becoming more and more widespread and most major cities have a floating center. This is also fun because it introduces you to locals that have similar interests and connects you with the community.    

  4. Journal

    Journaling is a helpful tool to reducing anxiety, in addition to meditating and floating. Journaling is very releasing and expressive, because it takes worries out of your mind and onto paper. By having to write through your anxiety, you may be able to identify a root cause of your nerves or come to a solution about how to fix it.      

  5. Float when you get home

    To decompress from your trip and avoid being overwhelmed when you get back to “real life”, schedule a float for when you get home. This will help you reground and get back into your daily routine.

 Being mindful and aware of any travel anxiety is one step closer to enjoying your vacation. By listening to what you need and taking proactive steps, you are setting yourself up for success.

About the Author: Monique Morrison recently graduated from college and is currently a yoga instructor who will complete a 500 hour Yoga Teacher Training in August 2017. She also co-founded ZenAF, a space dedicated to helping millennials learn how to meditate and create their most kickass life.