Don't Have Space For a Float Tank At Home? Here 5 Creative Ways To Make The Most Of Small Spaces

For some people 60 minutes at a float center just isn't enough. The thought of being able to float whenever you want, for as long as you want, and as often as you want, sounds like heaven and the only thing you can think about is whether to buy or build your own float tank so you can float from the peace of your home. 

Years ago the main issue would have been affordability, but luckily the Zen Float Tent has changed the game and made it possible for a lot more people. Even if you can afford it though, you've probably thought, "Where the heck would I even put a float tank?"

Obviously, the ideal location is in a spare bedroom or somewhere indoors near a shower but if you don't have this luxury almost any indoor space will work.Over the years we've seen our customers come up with some pretty innovative ideas, so we thought we'd share a few of them in this post. 



1. Your Unfinished Basement

No need to overhaul your unfinished basement when you can easily turn it into your private float room instead. Basements make good float rooms because they are usually more quiet than the rest of the house and away from the noise of street traffic.  

We highly recommend insulating underneath the tent if the area has cement or hardwood flooring. We'd also recommend the use of a space heater, especially in the winter when it gets cold since the ideal float room temperature is 70-78 degrees. 


2. Your Home Office

It may seem counter-productive to have a float tank in your home office but it can actually be a really good idea for a few reasons. For one, floating enhances creativity so it may help you when you're feeling stuck or have writers block. Floating also boosts your energy levels and improves your focus.  


3. The Garage

Garages can make excellent float rooms if you live somewhere tropical that doesn't get too cold in the winter. Many of our customers in California and Florida tend to go with an option like this. Again, we suggest keeping a space heater on hand for those colder temperature days. (And don't forget towels out there, too!) 


4. Your Kitchen

Let's just say we've seen it done. 



5. Your Bedroom

So you may not have an entire spare room but that doesn't have to count out your bedroom. On the bright side, with your tank in such close quarters you won't have a hard time remembering to hop inside often. 

The other upside is most bedrooms are connected to or near a bathroom so you can easily go from the tank to your shower and vice versa. 


These are just a few ideas to help you make the most of any small space that don't involve remodeling your entire home or getting rid of your precious man cave. But as you can see, with a little creativity even a dull garage can be transformed into a relaxing oasis. 


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