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We've learned a ton about the challenges of floating at home and have taken that knowledge and used it to build our best product yet, the NEW inflatable Zen Float Tank.

The Zen Float Tank is revolutionizing how people experience the benefits of floating from their homes.

It takes on an entirely different design, made from state-of-the-art drop-stitch technology and it’s fully inflatable, unlike the original Zen Float Tent or any other tank on the market.

It's affordable, efficient and extremely simple to set up – making it the best option available for anyone who wants to float from the comfort of their home and save money over going to a center.

The new Zen Float Tank brings everything we've learned into one amazing product and we can't wait for you to experience it!


Form & Function

Since this is primarily for the home, we wanted to make sure it looks great in any room.

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We went with our signature pyramid design for the shape of the Tank because it allows condensation from the warm-water to run down the sides and back into the tub, preventing water from dripping off the ceiling and interrupting your float.

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We made the Zen Float Tank slightly larger than our original Float Tent, adding about a half-a-foot of extra space to both the length and sides. This results in a 28% increase in space, with more head room and more room in the bed to float.

(233 x 114 cm)

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Weight: 175 lbs. (80 kg)

Total weight including water is approx. 2200 lbs (1000 kg)

Liquid capacity: 180 gallons (682 L) if filled 10” (25 cm) high

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Length: 9'10" (300 cm)

Width: 4'9" (145 cm)

Height: 6'5" (196 cm)

Total volume of 99 cubic feet (2.8 cbm).



The new tank is fully inflatable made from drop-stitch technology, similar to inflatable stand up paddle boards and kayaks.

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Drop-stitching combines tens of thousands of finely woven threads connecting two pieces of polyester fabric. Each thread is evenly spaced between the two pieces of fabric, locking the unit into place and creating a sturdy and rock-solid inflatable product.

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The inflatable design helps with insulation due to all the layering, making it 40% more efficient. This will help keep your tank and water warmer, and provides sound deadening.


Quality & Convenience

There are a handful of elements that go into creating the perfect floating environment and we've incorporated them into the design of the Zen Float Tank.


Mechanical Components

The Zen Float Tank comes with 2 radiant heating pads, a digital temperature controller, and a high-powered UV filtration system to keep your water heated and cleaned and all times.



Easy to move, easy to ship. The Zen Float Tank can be easily shipped anywhere around the world and if you ever have to move or relocate, it's easy to drain the water, deflate, and move around with you.

Designed to Last

Knowing that these were going to be used in people's homes, we searched for a material that was light enough to ship but still extremely durable.

Easy to Install and Maintain

Setup takes only about 20 minutes and maintenance takes less than an hour a week.

Safe & Reliable

We know how important it is to float without any added anxiety or concern for your own safety and that's why we designed the Zen Float Tank from the ground up selecting the best materials we could find to ensure no leaks, tears, or shocks.

Energy Efficient

To keep monthly operating costs low we chose the most energy efficient parts and components to keep your bills reduced. Plus, our new design is 40% more efficient than the original Float Tent, saving you money on your monthly costs.


Warranty Details

We have a 5-year warranty on all manufacturer defects. If we make a mistake in manufacturing, we'll replace it every time.

Mechanical parts are a little different, as there is a natural wear and tear like any machine and we can't say it will last forever. We can say, however, that we will replace any mechanical part that is faulty for one full year.


Confidence & Value


The Zen Float Tank IS for you if...

- You’re ready to make an investment in your health & well being.

- You're looking for relief from stress, anxiety, depression, pain or injury.

- You really want a float tank of your own.

- You float regularly or want to start floating more regularly.

- You want to save money over going to a center & paying membership fees.

- You don't mind doing a small amount of weekly/monthly maintenance.

- You’re ready to Find Your Zen.

The Zen Float Tank IS NOT for you if...

- You have never floated before:
We designed Zen Float solutions for people that already enjoy floating and are ready to have a float tank in their homes. Purchasing a Tank to try floating is not a good way to do it, we strongly recommend booking a session or two at a float center before buying any Zen float solution.

- You plan to buy it solely for commercial use.

- You don't plan to float at least once a month.

- You want to avoid doing any tank maintenance.

- You don't mind paying float center membership fees.



Frequently Asked Questions

How much Epsom Salt is needed for initial setup?

800 lbs. (363kg). We also recommend buying an additional 50-100lbs (20-45kg) to replenish the Tank for around a year.

How often does the salt need to be changed?

If maintained properly, the water and salt solution should last you at least for 18 months, in some cases up to 2 years.

How do you drain the Zen Float Tank?

We recommend buying a sump pump that can connect to a hose, to pump the majority of the solution out. A small amount of remaining solution will need to be manually removed with a small bucket or cup.

Is the Zen Float Tank sound proof?

No, but the double insulated walls help to eliminate sound. Keep in mind that even the most expensive float tanks don’t eliminate sound, they only reduce it. You’ve got to have a quiet setting if you want to float at home.

How durable is the inflatable material?

Despite being easily inflatable, the Zen Float Tank is extremely durable. It's made with drop-stitch technology and from the outside is rock-solid. Even if you were to get a puncture somehow, you would only lose air, not water, due to the the double insulation.

How do you know when you have enough salt in the water?

The best way is to use a Hydrometer which is included with the purchase of your Zen Float Tank. Salt is added until specific gravity is between 1.23 and 1.3.

Is there a warranty on the Zen Float Tank?

We want you to trust that anything you buy from us, we will stand behind. That is why we have a 5-year warranty on all manufacturer defects. If we make a mistake in manufacturing, we'll replace it every time. Mechanical parts are a little different, as there is a natural wear and tear like any machine and we can't say it will last forever. We can say, however, that we will replace any mechanical part that is faulty for one full year. It's our promise to our customers that anything they buy from us is made to last.


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