Where To Put A Float Tank When You Think You Don't Have Room


Sometimes the most challenging part of owning a float tent or tank of any kind is figuring out where to put it in your house.

Often, we believe we need an entire separate bedroom just for the float tent, with special flooring, insulated walls and on the first floor.

However, we have seen some very creative spots that look great - a garage, an office, a kitchen, and even a living room.

To answer questions about finding a space for your tent and what the conditions of the room should be, we have the answers listed here. Or scroll to the bottom and watch a video with all the same information.   

  1. How much room do you need?

    Our tents are 8ft x 4ft which is similar in size to a twin bed. Our tanks are slightly larger at 9'9" x 4'9". You will also need about one foot circumference around the float tent for cleaning + maintenance.   

  2. What kind of floor does it need?

    Our tent can be put on any floor; however some floor types may need more insulation - like concrete in a garage or tile in a kitchen floor. We recommend using carpet padding, pieces of carpet or rubber gym mats under the tent to help insulate the bottom and keep heat in.

    Our new tank has an inflatable bottom piece, that provides additional insulation. So on certain floors (like cement or tile) the tank will stay slightly warmer than the tent.

  3. Does your carpet get wet getting in and out of?

    The water will not leak out of the tent. Both our sensory deprivation tents and tanks are tested by holding water for 24 hours before being sent out. This ensures there won’t be any leaks.

    Likewise, the new tank has a drip mat at the entrance of the tank. So when entering and exiting the tank you can stand on this mat to wipe all the water + salt off before tracking across your floor. 

  4. How do I get water into my tent if it's in a living room or bedroom?

    To fill up your tank you can use a hose and an attachment, and run the water into your tank.

  5. How do you fill up the tank in your living room/kitchen/etc?

    You will run a hose from the nearest bath tub or faucet and attach the in line carbon filter (which is delivered with you tent) to the end of your hose to clean the water as you fill the thent.

  6. Do they ever cause mold in the house?

    We have never seen molding. Our tents are completely self contained and welded shut with sealable doors keeping all moisture in the tent. The temperature in the room may increase, but there is no extra humidity in the room nor does the water evaporation leave the tent.

  7. How do you drain the water?

    The best way to drain it is to just use a pump and a hose. You can pump the water down a curb or shower drain, just don’t drain it into grass because it is salty. Also, if you stay up on tent maintenance you will only have to drain your tent every 2 years.

For more information on purchasing a home float tank, grab your copy of this free brochure.