February Favorite Floater - Dann D.

Name: Dann D.

Location: Philadelphia, PA

Length of time you've been floating at home:

I have been floating at home for 2 months now with dozens of home floats in my Zen Tent under my belt. My journey with floating started almost a year ago, with 100+ hours in various tanks and pods so far.

How did you first hear about floating  and why do you love it?

I encountered a float spa owner at a local small business event who introduced me on flotation therapy and sensory deprivation.  After further research and having been somewhat aware of the practice from listening to Joe Rogan's podcast I was increasingly intrigued .  

Having been a long time sufferer of anxiety and stress management, I have tried hypnotism, acupuncture,  prayer, meditation and medication, but still struggled; so I decided to give floating a try. 

After my first float I wasn't sure I did "it" right.  My mind was a ping pong ball bouncing from thought to thought.  Eventually having settled in to a comfortable position the thoughts blurred together and an overwhelming calm took hold.  Upon emerging from my float I found my 90 minutes soared by and felt aware of the same problems and thoughts I went into the tank with, only now I was okay with everything.  It was an amazing feeling, as I said before I wasn't sure I "did it" right, but I felt the urge to immediately return.  From here, each float got deeper and deeper and I started floating for 2+ hour sessions increasing to multiple times a week.

Any cool experiences floating that you want to share?

As a User Experience Designer/ Digital Strategist and performing DJ, I float now before performances, presentations and before I work on my designs or music. I consume media and information constantly and floating has been the only tool to "turn it all off".  Before I owned the zen float tent I had been spending a good deal of time floating at the best local float spa, Flotation Philly. I began floating in the mornings going into the tank with design requirements and ideas....and things got deeper and deeper....this is when I knew I needed my own tank.

Dann getting ready to fill up his tent with 800lbs of epsom salt

Dann getting ready to fill up his tent with 800lbs of epsom salt

My Best Float Ever: 

Once during a time of extreme stress, feeling overwhelmed and suffering from total creative block, I embarked on a 4 hour float in a friend's escape pod.  During this session I had to emerge from the tank to sketch out the ideas and the list of "to do's" that magically seemed to surface in my head.  Design ideas I hadn't considered, people I needed to reach out to, where I misplaced several belongings I had been looking for...I had tapped into some amazing thoughts and the clarity flowed like a fire hose.  

I emerged with a goal of creating a variety of mobile and IT related tools to enhance the experience and progress of Floating for floaters of all walks of life, which I will be socializing with ZenFloat Co. and other members of the float community later this year. 

During this float I literally sorted and swiped through the thoughts in my head. Subconsciously I developed a business idea that I feel will be my calling or give back to the floating community and will help empower floaters to maximize their experience and journey in floating.  

Dann's Float Tent in his basement which he nows refers to as his "Zen-ment"

Dann's Float Tent in his basement which he nows refers to as his "Zen-ment"

Any tips, tricks, or advice you would share with other fellow floaters or Zen Tent owners. 

Try floating at a float spa first, and try it a few times.  At that point you'll have an idea whether this is a tool for you or not.  Worst case scenario you'll have some extremely restful nights sleep. 

If you find like I did, that you needed more access and flexibility to explore your thoughts, then the Zen Tent may be for you.  Shipping was easy, the team at Zen are really good people, and within a few weeks you can take floating to a whole new level in the comfort of your home.

The tent is not a mass produced Amazon item, but is of really high quality and the maker's care about their product and customers.  As a matter of fact, more care was put into the design of this product because its not such a mass produced item.  Set up from start to float was a weekend, overall the tent is pretty much plug and play, which is why I opted to by from Zen rather than build a DIY.  I advise taking your time and prepping your space accordingly so you can navigate around, clean, and maintain your tent with ease.  Plan it out correctly so your environment is as complementary to a float tank as possible...Mine is in my basement. which is my Zen-ment now!

Start slow... all of a sudden I had my own float tank!  It took a good deal of floats to settle into the fact that this was my tank, and not to be fixated on maintenance and adjustments.  The tent does require water maintenance and minor adjustments from time to time, over the course of your first several floats you feel safe, you feel secure, you feel proud of you tank!  That's when the fun begins!  I haven't faced any major concerns or negatives I can speak to.  

Experiment with float times - I have floated at literally all hours, but have found personally I am able to get the most benefit from my floats in the morning and early day before any coffee or much stimulus.  Night time floats often lead me to be very mentally alert after, but I have friend who feel the opposite.  I encourage you to find what works best for you.  I typically float pre-week to prepare, mid week to be alone with my thoughts and relax me, and end of week to review my week and set myself up for a more relaxed and productive weekend.

I agreed to be a favorite floater because this product is an absolute game changer and I highly recommend it and believe in it!  It has been the most amazing tool for self exploration and improvement.  I highly value the product and the team and often speak to them personally as they are very hands on and just great people who are into floating and care...I highly recommend floating and in particular the Zen Float Tent to offset the demands and overstimulate in  all of our busy lives.

Thank you Shane, Sean, and the Zen crew for all you have done for floating and for me personally!