October Favorite Floater - Craig Crow

Name: Craig Crow

Location: Grass Valley, CA

Length of time you've been floating at home: 6 months

What made you get into floating and why do you love it?

I had been curious about the stress management aspects of floating, so I got into it about 2 years ago.  It does so many things for me, it definitely plays a meditative role in my life and recently I have enjoyed doing thought inquiry while in the tent

Any cool experiences floating that you want to share?  

As far as cool experiences go, I think the deep levels of relaxation, stress relief, centeredness and opportunities for introspection are pretty cool.

Any tips,tricks, or advice you would share with other fellow floaters or Zen Tent owners. 

Floating is a practice, some take to it right away others need a few floats to realize the benefits, but the art lies in determining which conditions will facilitate an ideal float for you.  For example, water temperature, some like 93.5, others 94 or 94.5., figure it out for yourself.  Also stabilize yourself in the tub and DON'T MOVE, observe the anxiety and let it be.