What to expect for your first float in a tent

You are probably wondering what it’s going to be like to float in a tent for the first time, as opposed to a traditional float pod or tank that is offered at a Float Center.  It’s no doubt that your first float experience is going to be slightly different than what you are used to but it many cases we think you'll actually like the experience much more.  Before you enter the floating zone, here are some things to consider for your first float in a tent:

Your First Tent Float

Whether you’re an avid floater or this is going to be your first time floating, you can prepare for your float just the same as you would at a traditional Float Center:

  • Try to avoid having caffeine, alcohol, or other stimulants before hand that might ruin your ability to relax and unwind.  

  • Another thing to avoid is eating right before your float as digestion may cause distraction while floating.

  • Make sure you wear something comfortable to float in. Usually the less you can wear the better, as clothing can be a distraction.  

Ways to ensure the best float in a tent

1. Float at the quietest time of the day

Unless you live by yourself in the middle of nowhere, it is likely there are periods throughout the day that are more and less noisy in or around your home.  Try to float when you know there isn’t going to be a lot of distraction to interrupt your float.  

Read more about sound proofing for the Zen Float Tent.

2. Prep your tent the morning or night before

If you know you want to float at a certain time, make sure you do any necessary prep work to the tent beforehand.  Whether that be adjusting the water heat, cleaning or skimming it, or adding more epsom salt, it’s going to be more beneficial for your float and mental state to do this hours before instead of right when you are ready to get in.  This way, if things go wrong you have time to plan your float session accordingly.  

3. Have a moment to yourself before getting in

Many float centers offer a quiet room for you to sit in beforehand and begin to clear your mind.  We recommend doing the same thing at home.  Whether it be sitting for ten minutes in the room you float in, or you simply taking a short walk around your neighborhood, take the time to clear your mind and mentally get ready before your float.  

Benefits of Floating in a Tent

We find that there are not only benefits to floating in a tent but also in floating in the comfort of your home.

More Control

Floating in a tent in your own home means the control is completely in your hands. You can choose an exact water temp of your preference, which is varies from person to person. You can also decide how long you want to float, whether you want the lights on or off, the door open or closed, etc.  You have the freedom to decide on all of these factors.  

In-Tent Experience

Many people like the design of our tent because of the pyramid scheme and feel that it offers a more open, less claustrophobic type feel.  Either way, floating in a tent is an experience you won't be able to find at just any typical Float Center and is unique to our product.  


Above anything else, the biggest benefit of floating in a tent is the ability to customize your experience to exactly how you like it. If you decide you want to have a timed float session, you can easily add a timer or some sort of stop watch near the outside of the tent to alert you when your session is over.  You can even decide what you want you want to wear, if you’d rather float in clothes or none at all.  Because you’re in the comfort of your home, you can easily customize your experience to work best for you and your preferences.  

Your experience is up to you

In the end, you won’t know how much you’ll love floating in a tent until you try it out for yourself.  Good news is we still have Float Tents available for October pre-sale. If you wish to purchase one or find out more, please click here.  

Did you find this article helpful in what to expect for your first float in a tent? We would love to hear your feedback. Please leave us a comment below and let us know what you think!