Float Nation – the first all encompassing float documentary


Carl Jessee and Jory Piglowski came up with the brilliant idea of doing an all encompassing float documentary. They saw the disconnect between the different aspects of floating like: spiritual, pain relieving, relaxation, mind alteration, etc. They set out to interview and document EVERYONE they could find in the float industry to give people a better, more well rounded view of  this thriving new float industry.

One of their first stops was at my place in Salt Lake City,Utah. We spent the day talking float, and it felt good. It’s always weird to be into such a niche interest and have NOBODY to talk to.lol In fact, those were the first two experienced floaters I had talked to in person EVER. We did the interview and I showed them my tank. Then we set out to see a float center and tour the city.

Carl and Jory were awesome guys! They had so much to say and our minds resonated in a very similar way. We had the same far out ideas and theories on what floating does for people. We also couldn’t stop talking about how thepeople in the float industry are the nicest on the planet! They were telling me how everyone invites them in, feeds them, puts them up, etc. It feels good to knowI’m involved with such a great group of people.

They left that night and had another month of travelling to go. I wished them well and vowed to stay in touch. It felt like my friends were leaving.  About a month later I got an email from Jory with a teaser for the new film. Here it is.

They hope to have the film completed by the end of the Summer 2013. Check back here for more info. Also, here is the link to their original kickstarter campaign.


keep floating,