Float Buds - Underwater Headphones

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Float Buds - Underwater Headphones


Enhance each float with calming music or guided meditations by using our underwater headphones.

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Go Even Deeper!

Take your home float to another level by floating with Float Buds, underwater headphones. Float Buds empowers floaters to to go even deeper and explore further avenues of one's potential by allowing floaters to bring any type of audio they can imagine to the tank. Features include:

  • 100% waterproof
  • 2 Sizes of earbuds for a cozy fit
  • Rich powerful bass
  • 9.5 ft. cable
  • Ultra light and easy to use 
  • Earbuds act as earplugs to keep water out 

For those times when silence is not golden, enjoy the combined benefits of floatation with guided meditation, relaxing audio, and binaural beats.