Float Ready TANK Package


Float Tank + 850lbs. Epsom Salt + Shipping (May Pre-Order)


  • North America Float Tank (120 V - 60 Hz)

  • United States Contiguous 48 Only

  • Shipping & Handling Included In Above Price

  • Plus, Over $150 in Supplies & Added Bonuses

  • Ships in May 2019

**Limited Quantities Available. Order now to avoid waiting longer!

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Since this is for the home, we wanted to make sure it looks great in any room. Our new inflatable design is a breeze to set up and looks fantastic right out of the box. We've used the same tried and true inflatable technology that can be found in popular stand up paddle boards. When inflated, the tank is completely rigid like solid walls. The barrier of air in the walls also acts as a natural insulator, making the tank extremely efficient. 


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What You Get:

1 Complete Float Tank + Epsom Salt for the first year + Extras + Shipping & Handling

($5,400+ in Value)


Complete Float Tank

complete filtration system.png

Complete Filtration System

Complete Temperature Control System

850lbs. of Epsom Salt

Also Included With The Float Ready Package:

Supplies to get started:

  • Inline Carbon Filter ($13 Value)

  • Hydrometer ($20 Value)

  • Ear Plugs ($5 Value)

  • Assembly Guide

Maintenance Supplies:

  • 2 Filter Bags ($50 Value)

  • 2 Test Strip Bottles, 25 strips each ($40 Value)

  • 8 oz. pH Up + 8 oz. pH Down ($15 Value)

  • Scumbug Sponge ($10 Value)

  • Complete In-Depth Water Care Maintenance Guide

  • Quick Laminated Guide (For weekly use)

Bonus Accessories:

  • Underwater Headphones ($40 Value)

All Shipping + Handling Fees Included:

  • Freight to the lower 48 states ($400-$900 Value)

  • Lift gate service ($150 Value)

  • Residential delivery during business hours ($130 Value)


All of this for one low price of $5,200!


So, What are you waiting for? Start floating at home today!

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much does it cost to maintain the the float tank monthly? 

Great question. We designed the Zen Float Tank to be as cost-efficient as possible. While it's hard to say exactly how much it will cost you each month to run because electricity rates vary quite a bit by city and state, we estimate that it will run you anywhere between $15-$50/month to heat and filter your float tank.

2. How does the water in the tank stay clean and how long does the Epsom Salt and water usually last?

Again, this all depends on how often you float and how well you clean and maintain your water, but if done properly you water should last you anywhere between 1.5 – 2 years. The tank comes with a submersible UV filter pump and then additional weekly/monthly maintenance is required. 

3. Is the Float Tank sound-proof?

No. However, while most people think that the sound-proofing comes from the tank itself, even the most expensive float tanks on the market are not 100% sound-proof. Included with your purchase is a set of ear plugs which will help reduce a lot of sound. Additionally, with your ears being underwater, majority of sound waves are blocked all together. 

4. What are the chances of any leaks, spills or tears?

Slim to none. The new tank is fully inflatable made from drop-stitch technology — similar to inflatable stand up paddle boards and kayaks. Drop-stitching combines tens of thousands of finely woven threads connecting two pieces of polyester fabric. Each thread is evenly spaced between the two pieces of fabric, locking the unit into place and creating a rock-sturdy and solid inflatable product. Even if the material were to puncture or tear, the tank is double insulated so you would lose air, not water. 

5. What else is required to get started?

Pretty much nothing! We've literally taken all the legwork and hassle out of the equation so that when your package arrives at your front door you're ready to set it up, fill it up, and get your float on! 

If you want to get technical, you will need to add your own water. Unfortunately, it would be nearly impossible to ship you 200 gallons of water. But, the good news is you can use the water straight from your tap or faucet using a hose and the inline carbon filter included with your purchase. You'll also need to purchase Hydrogen Peroxide to clean the water which can easily be found at your local Walmart or online on Amazon.

Technical Specs:

9'10” X 4'9”  X 6'5” ft

When fully assembled


Ground fault circuit breakers

1x Inline

Carbon Filter

1x 140w

Ultra Violet Filter




Cubic Feet

2x D Rings

For water bottles and towels



 6500 L/H

LPH Pump


Thermostatic control

Heavy Duty

Light-proof vinyl liner


Mechanical Water Filter


Under Tank Radiant Heaters

We're Here To Support You Through Your Floating Journey

10 Year Manufacturer Defects Warranty


One Year Mechanical Warranty

lifetime support.png

Designed Specifically For Home Use


Ready to experience the benefits of floating whenever you want, without ever leaving the comfort of your home?