A Natural Treatment for Fibromyalgia

Though still widely undocumented, floating in an isolation tank can be one of the most effective natural treatments for fibromyalgia sufferers. Recent research suggests that floatation REST can significantly improve the lives of fibromyalgia victims by vastly reducing their pain, muscle tension, stress, and anxiety.  Not only is floating an effective treatment for these symptoms but it also helps improve energy, mood, freedom of movement and overall sleep quality. Of all the research and studies, the cumulative effects of floating for fibromyalgia show longer-term relief when repeated more over time. Basically, the more you float the better you feel!

Other research has also shown that those who suffer from fibromyalgia also have a magnesium deficiency caused by lack of sleep and stress. The main reason why floating works as a natural treatment for fibromyalgia is because when you float in an isolation tank, your body is absorbing all of the epsom salt from the water – which contains a high concentrated amount of magnesium.

With how prevalent the use of medicine and various forms of pain pills have been prescribed to try to help people suffering from fibromyalgia, it's no wonder that more and more are seeking out an alternative method that is natural, safe, and still scientifically researched.  We've spoken with many float center owners, and almost all of them are treating fibromyalgia sufferers almost weekly.  We have also found that once floating has been introduced as a natural treatment for their fibromyalgia, often times victims no longer have to go back to pills of any kind and instead just float in a tank daily or weekly.


Success Stories: Floating For Fibromyalgia

Zen Floater, Lynn Taylor, is a great example of how floating for fibromyalgia can vastly change your life. 


Lynn is 52 years old and has lived with Fibromyalgia in pain for years now. Before trying floating for the first time, she was prescribed medication after medication – all with danger side effects that she just couldn't take any longer. She knew she had to final a more natural treatment without any harsh side effects. Finally, a friend of hers that owns a float center suggested she try it out.

She found the closest location to her home in Dayton, FL and immediately booked a session. Though the long drive to get back and forth from the float center was brutal, that hour session forever changed her life for the better. It was then Lynn went home and bought a personal float tank, the Zen Float Tent. She knew that the low one-time cost was well worth her investment after how good she felt from just one float. Fast forward 6+ months and Lynn now just floats every other day and has not taken any pain medication in months. She is completely pain-free and it's all because of her ability to float. 

Her story is quite incredible and we encourage you to read the full article here.  If Lynn can find relief from Fibromyalgia, we have faith that everyone else can too. 

More Success Stories:

“After my first float, I had complete pain relief for 17 hours.”
— Tina Graham

Here is one woman from the UK, Tina Graham, who talks about how floating in an isolation tank has helped her deal with the physical pain that is an ongoing part of having fibromyalgia. This is taken from an interview from the Float Summit Conference in April 2012. 

Other Testimonials  & Research


Fibromyalgia & Floatation REST

Below is Dr. Rod Borrie, who helped organize a research project that involved many float centers around the world. The research project collected data on the positive effects of float tanks on victims of fibromyalgia and the results were huge.  Below he goes into detail on the results of his study.



If you have Fibromyalgia and are ready to take your life, pain, and overall health back into your own hands, it's time you try floating. Float Tank Therapy is natural and safe treatment and it's helped many Fibromyalgia sufferers to this day to feel pain-free again. 

Ready to do this? Let's get started.