Meditation and Floating

Life can get crazy and hectic at times. The constant busyness demanded from us on a daily basis can leave us feeling tired, stressed, and at times completely overwhelmed. One effective tool to combat our hectic lives that has become a widely used practice among the world today is the power of meditation.  It's a simple and convenient way to calm your mind, relax your body, and help you find inner peace. 


Floating to Enhance Meditation

Another tool that has become increasingly popular to achieve meditative like states is the use of an isolation tank or otherwise known as sensory deprivation.  For those seeking a meditative experience and in some cases deeper meditative states, floating is an excellent option to meditate faster and more in depth.  Because of the deprived states in a float tank it's much easier to achieve a state of nothingness without effort.  

Just like with meditation, the effects from floating in an isolation tank are more progressive over time.  Meaning that the more you float and the more consistently you float, the easier it will be to achieve deep and profound meditative states. Floating is often thought of as the training wheels to meditation because it makes the practice easier.  

Another reason floating is becoming so popular is because of the powerful results that you can achieve in such a short amount of time. What might take you hours of practicing meditation you could easily experience within 20 minutes of a float tank. 


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