Marvin Jones

Marvin Jones, Jr. is the first official athlete sponsored by Zen Float Co.  He's an NFL athlete and also the wide receiver for the Cincinnati Bengals. During off-season Marvin was involved with an accident that left him with an injured ankle and unable to fully perform.  Currently, he is in the process of rehabbing and recovering for the upcoming 2015 Football season.   

After Marvin was injured he wanted to look for a solution that would help him ease the pain and also improve his mental focus.  After much research that's when he came across the powerful benefits of float therapy.  As a featured athlete we set Marvin up with a Zen Float Tent to use in his home.  Check out our exclusive interview with him where he talks more about his discovery of floating and how he plans to use the Zen Float Tent to up his athletic performance in this upcoming season.