Lifetime Commission to Float Centers

We've spent a lot of time looking for the perfect alignment with Float Centers. We understand that if someone decides to float at home, they may not be back in your center much, and we want to offer something to you that makes it worth it. After much deliberation, this is our answer: 

Lifetime Commission When You Refer Zen a Customer!

This means that you will get 10% of their first order in commission (usually $250+) PLUS, 10% of all that customers purchases for their lifetime! 

This is BIG. This means that every time they order filter bags, upgrades, or a fresh order of salt, you get PAID.  We will monitor accounts monthly and cut checks. Our only requirement is that you keep our Kiosk stocked in your centers retail area. 

Here is a picture of our Kiosk. You'll notice it's not obtrusive, or obnoxious. It's roughly 4' wide by 2' deep, and only 4' tall. It comes stocked with books, headphones, salt, small package salt, earplugs, filter bags, and test strips. It looks great, and provides a nice display for those retail items. 


Interested in being a Beta test Float Center? 

Just fill out our application and let us know why your center would be a great fit. We're just looking for a handful to test this model at first. If it works, we will open it up to everyone. 

This is a cool opportunity for a Float Center looking for some residual income on clients that may have decided to float at home anyway. 

So exciting! We will be in touch.