Enjoy the many benefits of float therapy from home with the Zen Float Tent

The world's only affordable float tank  

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Floating from the comfort of your home is now possible with the Zen Float Tent, a tent style float tank that can easily be shipped in two boxes and setup in any home in under two hours. 

Our floatation tanks are designed to hold 10 inches of water, 800 lbs. of epsom salt, and offer a fully enclosed pitch black design to create a true sensory deprivation experience at home. Filled to capacity, our tanks weigh less than a water bed and can easily be setup in any room or unused living area. 

The convenient 4'x8' foot design ensures that the tent is large enough for anyone to float comfortably, and it fits every room. Commercial float tanks typically range upwards from $10k to $30k, but the Float Tent starts as low as $1,940 for a very comparable home setup. 

In an over-connected and stressful world, the Zen Float Tent is the escape you need. Consider it your personal doorway to a whole new level of relaxation, free to unleash your minds full potential. 

Floating has been proven to be effective in treating stress, anxiety, depression, and even chronic pain. Professional athletes like Stephen Curry and Marvin Jones Jr. are even turning to float therapy as a treatment for sports recovery and mental visualization.

In cases where you may already be paying high prices to float at a center or don't have an option to float near you, the Zen Float Tent can be a wise investment towards your health and happiness. Plus, you and your family will have a place float and relieve stress, pain, and anxiety on a regular basis. 


Watch the video below to learn more about the Zen Float Tent:


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