Have You Tried Floating Yet?

Get a little taste of the best way to relax, meditate, and quiet your mind.


Feels Like Floating Package



  • Everything you need to get an idea of a floating practice at home.

  • Includes epsom salt, earplugs, underwater earbuds, guided meditation and instructional guide.

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 Create a Meditation Practice That works For You

Ask any person who considers themselves an experienced meditator or meditation enthusiast and they'll admit that their journey to get where they are today wasn't easy. 

In fact, so much of what holds people back from regularly meditating is not actually whether or not they can do it, it's their own limiting beliefs, excuses, or misinformed opinions of what it really is. 

Any of this sound familiar?

  • I can't sit still for even 5 minutes sometimes, how the heck am I supposed to sit still and meditate?

  • My mind is always racing, I don't know how to make my thoughts stop.

  • I have ADD which means it's impossible for me meditate or concentrate!

  • I'm sooo busy. Where do I even find the time to do nothing?

Well, guess what?

All of these thoughts = lies. 

Because in fact, you can meditate. And we're here to show you how you can make it work for you…


Included in this package you get:

  • One pair of underwater headphones ($30 value)

  • Two bags of epsom salt ($15 value)

  • One set of earplugs ($5 value)

  • Instructional Guide ($17 value)

  • BONUS - Free Access to our Exclusive Floating Guided Meditation

  • BONUS - One free copy of The Float Tank Cure ($14 value)


Over $70 in retail value, all for the one-low price of  just $29!


Imagine how easy it would be relax and quiet your mind if all you had to do was turn off the lights, lie back in a tub full of perfectly warm water, and listen to a peaceful guided meditation....

Untitled design (3).png

Floating, otherwise known as sensory deprivation, involves removing all the senses from the mind by lying in a pitch black tank, filled with water that's heated to your skin temperature and filled with over 800lbs. of epsom salt so that you can float effortlessly.

By removing all external stimuli (sight, sound, and touch) and distractions, your mind is then free to enter a state of deep relaxation and meditation

Think of a float session kind of like buying a bunch of supplements or workout gear to go the gym...

You are more likely to be committed and follow through when you're invested in seeing the results and dedicating the time to create a positive external environment to support your practice. Right? 

Well, the same thing goes for meditation and floating. 

For most of us, it can be hard to sit still in silence or find the time throughout the day to stop and meditate. 

Floating helps you guarantee this time to yourself to experience the ultimate form of deep relaxation.

While this package, gives you the tools to create this experience at home. 

Just use your bathtub or lie on your couch or floor for an effective home meditation environment. 


Discovering the gift of meditation has the power to significantly change your life


✓  Meditation reduces stress

✓  It improves concentration

✓  It encourages a healthy lifestyle

✓  The practice increases self-awareness

✓  It increases happiness

✓  Meditation increases acceptance

✓  It slows aging

✓  The practice benefits cardiovascular and immune health

✓ and much much more!

While It's easy to say that we should make the time to relax and meditate more, the truth is that many of us won't...


Life gets busy and sometimes between all the distractions it can seem almost impossible to find the time for self care. But when it comes to meditation, so much of it is just about actually showing up and creating a practice. A practice that works for you....not against you. 

In the last couple of years many people have turned to float therapy to help develop a regular meditation practice and have found it much easier than any other type of meditation.

The media has even widely recognized floating as an effective form of meditation in Yoga Journal, The Wall Street Journal, YahooThe Huff Post, and more.

So are you ready to finally create a meditation practice that works for you? 

Get the Feels Like Floating Package by clicking below and experience the best way to meditate and relax for just $39. 

Your mind and body and soul will thank you!