Frequently Asked Questions

What are the dimensions of the Zen Float Tent?
Approximately 4"x 8" x 5'4" feet high (120cm x 240cm x 162cm).  Click here to view our complete spec sheet.  

What are the dimensions of the Zen Float Tank?
Approximately 9'10" x 4' 9 " x 6'5" feet high (300cm x 145cm x 196cm). Click here to see the Tank details.

How much Epsom Salt is needed for initial setup?
800 lbs. (363kg) is needed for the initial setup whether you purchase the tent or tank. We recommend buying an additional 50-100 lbs. for maintenance over a year. To make it easy, we sell pallets of float tank epsom salt on our website here. 


Do you sell the Tank and Epsom Salt together in one package?
Yes. For customers in the lower 48 United States we offer a Float Tent Ready Package and Float Tank Ready Package that includes one complete Tank/Tent, epsom salt for the first year, plus Shipping & Handling to anywhere in the lower 48 United States.

Our Float Tent and Float Tank can also be purchased individually by itself in on our Online Shop and can be shipped anywhere in the US or Worldwide! 

How do you heat and maintain heat in the Zen Float Tent and Zen Float Tank?
Included with your purchase are two radiant heating pads that can always be left on to maintain the temperature of the water in between and during floats.  For more information please read this post about our radiant heating design here

How often does the salt need to be changed?
If maintained properly, the water and salt solution should last you anywhere from 1-2 years or longer.  

How do you drain the Zen Float Tent and Zen Float Tank?
We have designed the pump, with a quick attachment fitting that can connect to a hose, to pump the majority of the solution out. A small amount of remaining solution will need to be manually removed with a small bucket or cup.

What is the liquid capacity of the Zen Float Tent and Zen Float Tank?
201 gallons (760 litres) if filled 10” (25cm) high.

What is the weight of a Zen Float Tank/Zen Float Tent once filled?
Approximately 2200 lbs. (998kg)

Does water leak when you enter/exit the tank?
No, water doesn’t leak from the unit, but when you get out, your body will be wet, like getting out of a shower, so a bath mat is a great idea. There may be condensation on the inside of the door when you open it, but thanks to the steep walls of the pyramid design, most will run into the tank.

Are your tanks sound proof?
When designing our tanks we really focused on a light-weight, thin walled design so it would be affordable, shippable, and easy to move. Keep in mind, even the most expensive float tanks don’t eliminate sound, they only reduce it. You’ve got to have a quiet setting if you want to float at home. Read more about what goes into creating the perform home floating environment here. 

How do you know when you have enough salt in the water?
The best way is to use a Hydrometer which is included with the purchase of your Zen Float Tent/Tank. Salt is added until specific gravity is between 1.23 and 1.3.  More information about this can be found here. 

What about water maintenance?
We have designed the UV filter to take care of majority of the maintenance of the water. You can also find a copy of our water care guide and videos here

Does the filter and heating pad need to be running at all times?
We recommend leaving the heating pads running at all times to properly maintain water temperature and quality.  Your filter should also remain running at all times and should only be turned off while you are in a float session.  

What is the warranty on the Zen Float Tank?
We want you to trust that anything you buy from us, we will stand behind. That is why we have a 5-Year Warranty on all manufacturer defects. If we make a mistake in manufacturing, we'll replace it every time.

Mechanical parts are a little different, as there is a natural wear and tear like any machine and we can't say it will last forever. We can say, however, that we will replace any mechanical part that is faulty for one full year. It's our promise to our customers that anything they buy from us is made to last.

What is the warranty on the Zen Float Tent?
There is a 1-year warranty on all manufacturer defects – If we make a mistake in manufacturing, we'll make it right. Same goes for the mechanical parts, we will replace any mechanical part that is faulty for one full year.

Is the warranty transferable if I sell my tent or buy a used float tent?
No, the warranty is not transferable and only applies to the original float solution (Tank or Tent) owner. 

Where can I buy replacement parts?
All the parts included with the tent such as the filter and heating pad are designed to last. Other replacement parts such as filter bags, vent caps, etc are available for purchase in our online shop at an affordable price.  

Are there patents covering the Zen Float Tent and Zen Float Tank?
Yes we have submitted and we are currently patent pending for both float solutions.

Is the material BPA free?
Our Tents are BPA free and the materials are lab tested and certified (more info here). We have not, yet, had the Tank materials undergo the same lab work and we do not know if or claim they are BPA free.

Can the Zen Float Tent and Zen Float Tank also be used for commercial purposes?
Technically, yes, but we designed the Zen Float Tent and Tank with personal home use in mind and commercial use will void all warranties.