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We have been swamped with kind offers of help to distribute the Zen Float Tent™ from all corners of the world, all from like minded people who are all passionate about the zen float tent and getting more people floating.

After some careful planning we have put together a distributor package to allow those within the float industry, and long term enthusiasts, regardless of location to be rewarded for helping to get more people floating.

We have decided not to offer any exclusive territories and we have granted every distributor regardless of volume, the same discount and reward.

By adding the Zen float tent to your existing products and services you are equipped to offer new value added services to your customer base, reach beyond your geographic limits and truly make a difference.

As an authorized Zen distributor you will get our full and ongoing marketing support, featured on our website, a framed and signed Zen distribution license and access to our discounted distributor pricing.

Simply fill in the form to the right andonce accepted we will email you without obligation, all the details of the distributors pack and pricing.

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