Savings Calculator

Using our estimation calculator below you can discover if buying a float tank makes sense for you:

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How much time and money could you save by floating at home?

First, we'll help you discover how much money you are currently paying to float on an annual basis to find out how much you could save in your first and second year of buying a Float Tent.

The average price to float at a center is anywhere between $50 and $75 an hour.

Financial Savings

Here are a couple of things to note:

  • If you see green in either the first year or second year that is a great sign! Green boxes represent your financial savings and means more money back in your pocket.  
  • The first year costs takes into account buying a Float Tent, epsom salt, as well as heating costs. The second year is much less expensive to operate because you're just paying for the heating costs. 
  • You're more likely to float more often if you own a float tank. So even if you're only floating 1-2 times a month right now, it's much easier to get into a 1-2x a week habit. 
  • If you're already floating on a regular basis, you're highly likely to see savings within the first year and even recoup your costs by the second year



Next we'll help you discover how much time you're spending driving back and forth from your local float spot. Less driving time means more time to get your float on!

Time Savings

Am I really saving money and time?

Besides saving money or time, its important to remember all of the other added benefits that owning a float tank at home provides:

  • Convenience - float whenever you want, no more making appointments around your schedule. 
  • Comfort - naturally we're more relaxed in our home environment than in public places, so floating from the comfort of your home makes the experience that much more enjoyable. 
  • Customized experience - your tank, your rules. If you want music, lights, whatever it may be. 
  • Peace of mind - no more worrying about that hour timer interrupting your session. You are free to float for as long as you'd like. Some people even like to sleep all night in their float tanks!
  • Improved health & wellness - having the ability to float more regularly isn't just a great tool for your body and mind, but your overall health and wellness. 

Ready to take the leap to Float Tent ownership and invest in your health and wellness today?