Floating Tips & Tricks

TFTT Episode 2 - How to Get Into the Floating Zone

Do you have trouble shutting off your mind and getting into the zone when it comes time to floating? If so, this week's Tales From the Tent video is for you! Also, great for first time floaters. 

In the video below Shane gives advice on three different techniques that significantly help with getting you into the floating zone: 

1. Find out if you are a morning or night floater.  Does your mind keep running in the morning or evening? When do you like to feel the most relaxed? 

2. Count down from 100 and picture each number hitting the surface of your mind. If you lose track, start over. Eventually your thoughts will start to subside. 

3. Tense up and relax every muscle in your body.  Start at your feet and work your way up through the core and up to your head. 

Do you have any other techniques that you use to get into the floating zone that weren't mentioned in this video? PLEASE share them with us below!