Tales From the Tent - Episode 1: Three Ways to Prep for Your Float at Home

We are excited to announce a new Youtube series entitled, "Tales From the Tent," where each week our owner, Shane, will be going over different tips, tricks, and advice about floating at home in your own Zen Float Tent.  In our first episode he covers 3 Ways to Prep for Your Float at Home so when your float tent arrives, you are set and ready-to-go.  View the full video below:


The main points he covers in this episode to prep for a float are:

1. Shower before your float. - To help keep the water clean and keep residue from your skin and hair out.  

2. Get a wash rag with fresh water - In case you get salt in your eyes, it will burn so have a towel ready to help wash it out.

3. Keep a towel within arms reach - To dry off afterwards and not make a puddle or mess outside of your tent.  

If you have a question you would like to see on a Tales from the Tent Episode, please comment below and we will use your feedback for future episodes.

Thanks for tuning in!