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Two New Products to Enhance Your Float At Home

If you're signed up to receive our monthly newsletter you might have heard that this week we officially launched two new products to enhance your home floating experience. One is a physical product and one is digital product, both highly requested from our customers and floating community. 


Introducing, the first guided meditation audio made specifically for floaters. This 30-minute guided meditation is perfect for anyone new to floating, meditation, or if you just have a hard time quieting your mind. And the best part, it's completely Free! Give it a listen and be sure to leave us your feedback. 

But what good would a guided meditation for floaters be without some way to listen to it underwater? Introducing our other newest product, Float Buds: underwater headphones. For those times when silence is not golden, enjoy the combined benefits of floatation with guided meditation, relaxing audio, and binaural beats.

Float Buds are 100% waterproof and even act as earplugs during your float. Learn More and Shop Now!

Here at Zen we're constantly working to improve the Float Tent and your home floating experience and we hope these two items help you to achieve deeper, more meaning floats and enjoy your time in the tank even more than you already do!


If you have any suggestions or ideas or items that you would like to see us offer in our online shop we welcome your feedback by leaving a comment below or sending us an email at info@zenfloatco.com. 




Why We Decided To Offer Epsom Salt In Our Store

From the moment we conceived the Zen Float Tent we knew that offering salt was going to have to be part of the package.  In order to make this possible, we tried reaching out to existing vendors first in hopes of finding a simple, affordable solution.  In the end, no one seemed to share in Zen's vision or were willing to team up with us, leaving us with a difficult choice of having to go it alone. 

We knew we wanted the purest salt with the least amount of iron as possible. The USP grade was a base level requirement and we were very aware that some of the cheaper USP salts would still cause a discoloration resulting in orange/yellowing of the solution even when passed through the inline water filter.

So, we tested. We tested all of the commercially available salts, we looked at each and every vendor before finding one who was willing to supply us as many of them had existing contracts in-place preventing them from supplying us with what we would consider a float standard. We wanted a large enough crystal to ensure a glass like purity but small enough to dissolve quickly. 

Besides what Zen had envisioned for our salt, we also knew that our customers were wanting a bag size and weight that was easy enough to carry with as few trips back and forth as possible. That's why incorporating 25lb. bags and easy grip handles was a no brainer.  We also knew that the woven packaging and/or paper packaging that is most widely used right now has problems with moisture in storage resulting in solid blocks of salt or when opening the woven packing bits of bag would end up floating around on the solution.  

The minimum order was massive but we knew that to get more people floating we needed to provide a one stop shop where our valued customers could get a float tent and the salt from one place without hunting around and spending so much time getting quotes and shipping costs.

To seal the deal, Sean has spent a lot of time ensuring we are as competitive on shipping as possible.  We are getting good rates for all regions in the U.S..  They may not beat the competition right now but we are working on solutions that will in the future. 

Overall, our goal was to provide a one-stop-shop for our customers and we have accomplished just that.  Floating at home has never been easier or more affordable than with the Zen Float Tent and Zen Epsom Salt.  


You can find out more information about our Float Salt by clicking here.