writers block

An Inspiring Story About Using Float Therapy to Overcome Writer's Block

Imagine a noisy classroom. The bell just rang as the students rush to their seats. It's a Monday morning so the kids have a lot to chatter about.

Today the teacher decides to play a little experiment. She puts on a calm, meditative audio in the mist of all the chatter and she asks herself, "how long will it take for them to hear the music?" 

Minutes go by and she watches the the evolution of the classroom chatter. You'd think the chatter would stop and the students would realize something different but to her surprise, they still don't amp down the chatter even ten minutes after the start of class.

As the minutes pass, some of the students closer to the speakers start to expend their built up energy and suddenly notice the calming music playing from the speakers. Unfamiliar to the students, the sound sounds interesting, foreign and undeniably therapeutic. One by one the students nudge each other and direct their classmates attention to the sounds. As each student tunes in, the once non-existent sound begins to crescendo into a loud harmonizing wave of peace.

She begins class and notices that those ten minutes of calmness led to a more productive hour lecture. The students she finds were more attentive and responded in a more center way, instead of their usual sporadic ways. 

Now imagine this classroom represents your mind. The students represent our daily mental chatter that often stops us from observing our surroundings more fully, each conversation distracting us from the peace that dwells within. The soothing nature of floating in a warm silent floatation tank can be related to the teacher who is trying to bring the classrooms attention to this wave of bliss.

You may be thinking, could one hour of my day lead to more production and energy for the next 15 hours you spend awake? From my experience, the answer is 100% yes.

At the time when I first decided to float, I was a 19 years old with years of anxiety. I was always very gifted in the creative arts but a string of life set backs had me with a lot of questions that I looked to my mind to solve.

During this period, it was very hard for me to come up with new lyrics, it was like the chatter within kept me from tapping into my creative source. I decided to try out floating and was lucky enough to get free float time for handing out flyers down the city blocks for an amazing float center named Halcyon Floats located in Philadelphia.

I floated in the tank for about 90 minutes but didn't really get settled until 60 minutes in. At that point I found myself hugging the warmness of the experience and basking in the space, very much in the moment. After hearing the music underwater, I said to myself, "was this really worth it?".

The moment I opened the door and stepped into the shower it was clear to me it was worth every second.

I noticed a fluid stream of observance emanating from my being and a calmness that rivaled nothing else. My heart felt lighter and my motions synched well with this feeling I had. After getting dressed, I went to the counter to talk to the owner of the center and noticed my anxiety levels dropped exponentially, something that no previous forms of therapy seemed to manage.

Now, here's the icing on the cake. As I drove back home calm and relaxed, in my mind I began to free verse and came up with a new song concepts and lyrics! This one session seemed to have a lasting after glow that stabilized my psyche for the rest of the work week. 

If had to sum up my experience in one sentence it would be, "Quiet down the classroom and tune into the the music in the background".