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Two New Products to Enhance Your Float At Home

If you're signed up to receive our monthly newsletter you might have heard that this week we officially launched two new products to enhance your home floating experience. One is a physical product and one is digital product, both highly requested from our customers and floating community. 


Introducing, the first guided meditation audio made specifically for floaters. This 30-minute guided meditation is perfect for anyone new to floating, meditation, or if you just have a hard time quieting your mind. And the best part, it's completely Free! Give it a listen and be sure to leave us your feedback. 

But what good would a guided meditation for floaters be without some way to listen to it underwater? Introducing our other newest product, Float Buds: underwater headphones. For those times when silence is not golden, enjoy the combined benefits of floatation with guided meditation, relaxing audio, and binaural beats.

Float Buds are 100% waterproof and even act as earplugs during your float. Learn More and Shop Now!

Here at Zen we're constantly working to improve the Float Tent and your home floating experience and we hope these two items help you to achieve deeper, more meaning floats and enjoy your time in the tank even more than you already do!


If you have any suggestions or ideas or items that you would like to see us offer in our online shop we welcome your feedback by leaving a comment below or sending us an email at