glenn and lee perry

How I Found Synchronicity in Portland Meeting Glenn and Lee Perry

At this year's Float Conference I met so many great people. There is nothing quite like being in an auditorium filled with floaters. The most random and interesting conversations always pop up. I truly enjoy my time there, and I can't thank Ashkahn and Graham from FloatOn enough for putting the event on. 

I had a really amazing thing happen to me shortly after the conference that blew my mind. My wife Jamie and I had gone for a morning walk to get some breakfast, and we stopped at a hip little breakfast joint. It wasn't close to the conference which is why the next part was so neat.

As we were waiting for a table two legends in the float industry walked up. It was Glenn and Lee Perry.

If you're not familiar with them, they were close friends with the inventor of floating John C. Lilly, they own the original float tank company Samadhi, and they established the Floatation Tank Association. For me, they are a VERY BIG DEAL. I mean floating changed my life forever and now I'm creating float tanks for a living. Oh the questions I had for them, that I would probably never get a chance to ask. 

That's when the magic happened. Glenn recognized me and came over to say hi. After a brief chat he offered "why don't you get a table for 4 so we can talk more." I couldn't believe it, I was about to get my chance.

The four of us sat down for breakfast and the banter began to flow. We talked about their experiences with John LIlly, their experiences with building and selling float tanks, the celebrities that they had done tanks for, and even some time discussing the new Zen Float Tent.

What a dream come true! and honestly.... life changing. It felt like I received the good blessing from the founders of floating, and it was a moment in time I will never forget. 

I kept mentioning how it felt like we were supposed to have that conversation, and I kept thinking of the odds of it happening (very slim in my opinion). Glenn and Lee mentioned it was synchronicity in action, and I would have to agree.