Floating For Athletic Performance: An Interview with NFL Athlete Marvin Jones


Many of our worlds' biggest athletes today use floating for recovery and to enhance their performance.  They also find that it keeps them on top of their game and improves their mental focus.  This is the certainly the case with American Athlete & NFL Football Player, Marvin Jones, wide receiver for the Cincinnati Bengals.  

We were thrilled when Marvin recently reached out to us interested in getting a Zen Float Tent setup in his home so he could begin floating on a regular basis.  After hurting his foot in last year's training camp and suffering from a bunch of setbacks that caused him to miss the entire 2014 football season, he was ready for anything that would help him speed up the process of rehab and recovery.  

After helping Marvin setup his Zen Float Tent in his home he was nice enough to sit down with us for a brief interview to talk about his career and how he plans to use floating to prepare himself going into the 2015 season. Check out this video below that features our exclusive interview with him. 

In reference to floating: “Why not do it every day? If it helps my body, and my body is my job, why not do it every chance that I got?”
— Marvin Jones, Jr.

How exactly will the Zen Float Tent help athletes like Marvin Jones with athletic performance?


Relaxation/Stress Relief – With 800 lbs. of epsom salt in each float tent, blood flow is increased and your muscles instantly start to relax while a profound state of calmness is achieved.

Muscle Soreness/Pain Relief – Deep relaxation reduces pain by decreasing lactic acid buildup and increasing endorphins. Essentially, it's like a natural form of pain medicine. 

Increased Visualization – The float tent is great for In-tank visualization which improves overall coordination and performance skill.

With such dramatic benefits like these, we wouldn't be surprised if every single athlete were to get into floating whether it be to recover from an injury or just improve their performance on the field.

Marvin has been floating at home for a few weeks now and we can't wait to see how floating at home on a regular basis helps him in this year's upcoming football season. 


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