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From 1st Float to 10th Float - What Happens Once You Begin To Create a Regular Practice

Just like leather or wine, some things only get better over time. And we'd like to think that floating is one of those things too.

However, for a lot of people, floating is something they only try once or twice before they automatically throw into the "it just wasn't for me" category and really give it a fair chance. Or they wait months and months inbetween float sessions so it's hard to really feel the mental, physical, or spiritual benefits.

But if you're willing to get past the initial float jitters and can make the commitment to go weekly or monthly, not only will you see a huge change in your health but you will see a huge change in your every day life too! To keep you motivated as you start down this journey, here's a list of some benefits that you'll start to experience as you float at home or at your local center:

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1. You're able to let go right away

We always preach that if you're going to give floating a fair shot you have to try it at least three times. This is because for most people it usually takes the first couple of sessions to get past the initial frustration of bumping into the walls, fully relaxing your muscles, and truly quieting your mind. But by your 4th or 5th float, it's usually much easier to hop in and immediately tune out. And this is when the magic really starts to happen! 


2. You discover your floating habit

Because we all float for different reasons it's hard to say exactly when someone should float and how often. However, the more you float, the quicker you'll discover what type of routine works best for you.

Night floating vs morning floating.

60 minute sessions vs 90 minute sessions.

Weekly vs Monthly. 


3. Meditation becomes easier and more powerful

Many people find meditation frustrating because they don't know if they're doing it right or they just have a hard time quieting their mind for a long period of time. But the nice thing about float tanks is that they create the perfect meditation environment and are designed to help induce deep meditative states. Therefore, floating not only complements your meditation practice but it enhances it too. 


4. Time doesn't matter as much

Once you've floated a good handful of times and are comfortable with letting go right away, the actual time inside the tank becomes of less importance and each float session becomes more about going with what feels right. 


5. You become more in tune with your body and mind

Developing a regular floating routine is one of the best self-help practices you could incorporate into your life as it helps you become more in tune with your mind-body connection. From the second you lie down in the water, you can feel the areas where you hold the most tension or can recognize the thoughts that seem to be reoccurring the most so you can begin to work through them.  


6. You begin to see changes in your personal life too

When you practice operating from a calmer, less stressed state of mind, everything in your life also becomes calmer and less stressful. Your mood is better, relationships begin to improve, and things that once got you worked up and upset now have no effect on you. 


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5 Tank Hacks to Consider for Winter Time

Cold temperatures outside certainly make it harder to maintain the perfect water and room temperatures that we all like to float in, but that's no reason to let the winter weather get you down. Luckily, there are a quite a few easy and inexpensive ways to keep your heating costs low during the winter months.  

Try these tips and techniques to help fight off the cold and keep your float tank running at optimal performance this winter: 


1. Insulate and Cover Your Windows

Windows are one of the easiest places for heat to escape in your home and nothing is worse than a cold float room. Covering your windows with space blankets or bubble wrap can go a long way in keeping your existing heat indoors and outside air outdoors. 

2. Insulate the Outside of the Tank

The best way to keep your float tank heated is by stopping the heat from escaping in the first place. Try wrapping a few mylar thermal blankets around your tank to keep more heat in. Besides preserving heat, the blankets give your tank a retro, futuristic look. 

3. Insulate Underneath the Tank

Rugs and carpets help keep heat from escaping through your flooring, especially if your float tank is on concrete or tile. Some other materials we recommend using to insulate underneath your tank are rubber padding, carpet padding, vinyl mats, interlocking foam mats, or plywood. 

4. Make Sure Your Air Vents Are Open and Directed Properly

It's common during the summer to close the air vents in your float room to keep cool air out. However, once you've switched from using cool air to heated air in your home, you'll want to make sure to re-open up the vents to allow the warm air to flow in. 

The one thing to lookout for is to not point the air vent directly at the tank (the warm air tends to come in through the vents of the float tent and throws off the temperature inside the tank). You may be able to redirect the air by adjusting the vent or building a funnel out of cardboard like pictured below.  

5. If All Else Fails, Use Space Heaters

A decent space heater can be found online or at local Walmart or Target for less than $100 and the nice thing about space heaters is they do not have to be in use at all times. Try turning on the heater an hour or two before you float and then turning it off again once you are done. This won't use up too much electricity but will help in keeping your float room close to the ideal temperature of about 78 degrees while in session. 

Community Post: My Best Advice For Someone's First Float

When it comes to floating for your first time, it may not be as relaxing for you as it is for others. A lot of this comes from fear or discomfort with the process and it's completely normal. Not to mention that if you do a search for "sensory deprivation" online, it can return some surprising and even frightening results. 

So, we asked our community of floaters, home floaters, and float centers what their best advice would be for someone's first float. Because you can't knock it until you try it. Here's what they had to say:

My best advice for someone's first float is________________.Comment with your best advice and tag someone you that you think might benefit from floating! #WellnessWednesday

Posted by Zen Float Company on Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Responses from our community:

"Leave your ego, expectations and desires behind. Know that floating is like any other worthwhile mode of self care - you get better at it with time. Your first float may be amazing, or it may just be something you need to get out of the way. Even if you don't enjoy your first experience at all - give it a second and third chance. The tank will win you over in the end, and the benefits are worth it." -Fadeaway Floatation Center 
"Pee! Even if you don't think you have to! I also recommend starting with a shorter float until you get used to it. 90 minutes was too long for me." -Lauren Acklin 
Since most first floaters will be skillfully instructed by a float center staff member 1) listen to all of their advice and, I agree, 2) go in with zero expectations...just "be" and consider that simple act a success after your float...anything else that comes along for the ride, is just a bonus to be grateful for. Oh yes...and your first float doesn't really count as a float attempt...you haven't truly floated until your 3 or 4th....so 3) be sure to book them before you leave. wink emoticon. And once you're hooked....4) visit Zen's site, hook yourself up with your own on-demand, at-home float and save money on float center visits. gas, and time." - Tim M. Hoefer 
"Spend some time figuring out how to get comfortable. Do not worry about achieving anything on the first float." - Caleb Fawkes
"Go the the bathroom first, even if you don't think you have to!!!" -Randall Peterson 
"Don't touch your face! Ever!" -Blake Norfleet 
"Dry your face before you get in the tank after you shower." -Chris Coyle 
"Leave your expectations in the shower." -Nicholas Trietsch 
"Let GO and surrender to what happens next." - Benny Kong 
"It's okay to be curious about your 'self'" -Bryan Phillips 
"Let go" -Michael Musa 
"Relax the neck, be water smile emoticon" -Gaynor Longden 
"No shaving of any kind prior to. I don't consume any fluids an hour prior and make sure I go to the bathroom just before getting in regardless. And for me I also don't consume any food at least 2 hours prior. That works for me." - Joe Roberts 
"I agree with making sure you pee before going in! Also...float 1 is throw away, don't judge floating on your first float. It takes a few to let the darkness and water relax you, replenish you & show you the way. Never touch your face, but if you do just grab that water bottle ASAP to spray the salt away." -Wendy Kesinger Kuhn 
"Have something in mind to think about. Then the tank will laugh at you and show you what you really should be thinking about." -James Miller 
"I agree with the Don't touch your face, 
2. Don't go in with too much expectation of yourself to come out with some great revelation or life changing moment, just let those expectations go and see what happens
3. Journal about it afterwards
4. Relax your neck, it's ok to let it go, your head won't go under!"  -Sara Lord 
"Don't expect anything. The float will give what it wants.


Don't touch your face" -Dustin Mark Dee 
"No expectations, everybody is different! Don't take anything in but curiosity and a sense of wonder at the prospect of feeling weightless! Bliss!" -Lynn Taylor 
"Trust the water" -Donavan Suwanapal 
"Bring neck support." -Darcey Olsen 
"Be yourself" -Cari Klenk 

Surrender your body by relaxing every muscle and letting the water take all of your weight- especially around your neck and shoulders. Feel that you are fully supported. 

Surrender your mind by allowing thoughts and memories to drift through like clouds, without expectation, resistance, or attachment." -Michelle K Lange
"Give yourself time after the first float to come back to earth. Thankfully, my sister (who commented above) was a pro so I was able to talk to her afterwards. Also, its ok if it takes time, like 30 min, to slow your mind. Be patient with yourself and relax. Its like a womb of joy and relaxation that you never want to leave. -Jenny Kesinger-Patton 
"No expectations." - @richypocket
"Keep your face dry. Be still. No expectations." -@floatuniverse
"Every time you feel like getting out don't. Force yourself to stay in and focus on your breathing. Slow it down, in and out of your nose into your lower belly/diaphragm. This will help you disappear and quiet yourself to another level." -@handsomhairless
"Trust the water. Relax into it as if you were trying to sink into your bed. Let go with every muscle. -@pismokitty
"Make sure you keep your helmet on, otherwise you may run out of oxygen. KIDDING! Everything above plus if your neck starts to ache, make sure you push it back so the water nears your brow line, stretch it, use your hands as a pillow (or use pool noodle/neck pillow). Enjoy the amazing instant experience of the water supporting you and as it's your first float, play. There are no rules." -@cocoonfloatation

Big thanks to everyone in our community for their participation and feedback! We got tons of great advice that hopefully will help newbie floaters have a better first time experience. 


If you're new to floating and want to find a float center near you, please visit floatationlocations.com.

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August Favorite Floater - Christina McLean

Photo by Kevin Monko

Photo by Kevin Monko

Name: Christina McLean

Location: Collingswood, NJ. (Near Philadelphia)

Length of time you've been floating at home: Since January of 2015


What made you get into floating and why do you love it? 
I'm an Airbnb host. One of my guests in Spring 2014 went to Halcyon Floats in Philly. He brought me a brochure that inspired me to book 3 introductory appointments. I was hooked.

As a Vipassana meditator, I have meditated 1000+ hours in my life. It is hard! I have body pain. The float tent eliminates my pain from sitting or kneeling and lets me get into the Theta brain state more easily, more often.

Any cool experiences floating that you want to share?
When I haven't had enough sleep or just feel fatigued, I find floating rejuvenates my mind and body.

Any tips,tricks, or advice you would share with other fellow Zen Tent owners?
– If you float often, find a short(er) hairstyle that you like. My hair used to be down to my lower back, but it took too long to dry.

– Get a bath mat, it can be slippery when showering afterwards.

– If your nose gets stuffy while floating, like mine, use a small amount of tiger balm under your nose. Float in Marlton, NJ gave me that trick.

I'm letting my friends use the float tent by booking here: https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/7366469?s=Qp40


May Favorite Floater of the Month - Garrick Valverde

Name: Garrick Valverde

Location: Lawrence, KS

Length of time you've been floating at home: Four months 

What made you get into floating and why do you love it? 

I got into floating through Joe Rogan and his many rants about its benefits. I feel like the busy life of a college student and athlete leaves me feeling very fragmented due to all the obligations. I love floating because it pulls me back together, and I just feel whole again after. 


Any cool experiences floating that you want to share?

I use the Zen Tent primarily for meditation. I’m always astonished when my mind fully clicks off,  especially when it seemed it never would. There’s a wonderful sense of joy that accompanies that clicking off that’s difficult to describe. It’s as if I’m walking in on the most amazing feast where each breath I take and heartbeat tastes better than the last.   


Any tips, tricks, or advice you would share with other fellow floaters or Zen Tent owners?

In the beginning, I really wanted to have an awesome experience in the tent. What I found was that my desire to have those experiences was keeping my mind or ego (whatever you want to call it) engaged and wanting to control things. Because of this, I wasn’t able to fully let go. It wasn’t until I was completely content with not having an experience that I could fully let go, and then, of course, the experiences came.



TFTT Episode 10 - Knowing When to End Your Float

A question we get all the time: how long do I float?

This episode of Tales From the Tent dives into all the different answers to this question. Basically, there is a short answer and also a long, philosophical one.  Watch the video below to find out more. 

 A good reminder: there are no expectations and there are no rules for a float. There is nothing you need to float for specifically. You're going to find rhythms and patterns you like, but just float for whatever feels right for you.  Float for as long feels right for you. 

Do you have your own way of determining when to end your float? We welcome you to share your tips with us below!


My First Float Tank Experience and My Advice to You

I knew when I was first asked to join the Zen Float Co team that the unrelenting question would arise, "When are you going to try out floating for yourself?"  So, I'm here today to tell you about my first time floating and experiencing the world of sensory deprivation tanks. 

Months before ever going, I had researched floating non-stop. I was so excited to finally try floating for two main reasons:

- I needed a way to shut off my mind completely.  I've tried meditation, yoga, massage, and many other relaxation techniques but nothing completely shuts out all the thoughts that fill my head in a day or leaves me completely at peace. 

I was looking for an outing to force me to relax.  A few years ago I used to work at a massage place where I always took the time to pamper myself.  But since I quit I've barely been able to make time for me to go back and get a massage even once a year.  I never just take time to myself anymore. It's such an important thing to do and I've neglected doing anything about it for too long now.  

Image taken at Salt City Float Spa.  

Image taken at Salt City Float Spa.  

My First Float

When I arrived at the float center it was just as I imagined it to be in my mind.  I walked into a room surrounded in heavenly music, candles, and dim lighting that instantly made you feel calm and peaceful. After filling out some initial paperwork and waiting about ten minutes I was guided back to my room where I could see the light from the tank gleaming down the hall. When I got to the room I was instantly ready to hop in the tank and give it a go. I popped in my ear plugs, showered, and gently made my way into the tank.    

My first thoughts as I began to lay down were, "DO NOT get salt in your eyes, whatever you do just make sure you avoid getting salt in your eyes." I've heard a lot about how much that burns and didn't want my first experience to start off on a bad note.   

As I laid back and began floating I kept the lights on until I knew I felt completely comfortable inside the tank. I really liked that I had the option for music during my one-hour float where I chose to have it play for the first and last five minutes of my session.  The music helped a lot initially with making me forget that I was floating in an enclosed chamber and made me feel more like I was laying near the ocean on the beach.  By the time the music ended I already felt pretty comfortable so I reached over and pressed the button to turn out the lights and began floating in complete darkness.  

During My Float

The inability of me to turn my mind off was completely apparent right off the bat. Just like normal, thoughts were buzzing through my head.  I took the previous advice of my boss and started counting down slowly from 100 while also focusing on my breaths. It took me about 5 or 6 times of starting over for my mind to be able to focus and finally start to shut off. 

From there, I don't actually remember much other than being completely relaxed and feeling weightless. At one point I was trying to decipher what parts of my body were in the water or not but because it is the same temperature, you can't tell at all. I forgot at times I was even in water.

After a little bit I started to drift off for a moment only to wake up from a drop of salt water splashing onto my forehead. It was my mistake as I had previously touched one of the sides of the tank to adjust myself which then led to that happening.  Luckily, the salt water didn't roll into my eyes like I was fearing.

After that I shut my eyes again after what seemed like only a few minutes, the music came back on to alert me that my float was over. I was so bummed. Had an hour really gone by that quickly? I found myself wanting another 30 minutes to get back into the floating zone but I knew that I would have another chance soon. 

Post-Float Glow

jaymie salt city float spa

As I walked out of the spa to my car that day I could tell that everything seemed just a little brighter and I was truly refreshed and more energized than before I had went. I felt amazing and I could tell it was just what I needed. It only took about 5 minutes into my card ride home for my phone to start blowing up with phone calls and texts and it's in that moment I know for sure I'm back in the real world again.  

Days later as I write this post and I can report that I'm still feeling very refreshed.  All weekend long I had more energy than I can remember having in a long time and I was actually able to enjoy some time off rather than worrying about what I have going on that next week. 

If you're someone like me who is constantly on the go or struggle with shutting off your thoughts, floating can be a very beneficial solution. Plus, it makes you feel good too! I'm already craving another float session and I have a second appointment scheduled for this coming week.

So if you're reading this and are considering going to float for your first time, I want to lend you some pieces of advice that helped me to have a good first experience:

My Advice For Your First Float Tank Session: 

1. Prepare For Your Float Accordingly. I had ready many times not to eat right before your float but the day of my appointment I hadn't eaten much so I had a small snack shortly before I left. During the beginning of my float I could hear my food digesting in my stomach and it definitely took away from me getting to clear my mind sooner.  This could have been avoided if I had planned out my day a little better.   

2. Ask the right questions before you go.  A huge part of why my first experience went so well is because I knew exactly what to expect.  If my boss hadn't give me the advice to count down from 100 I might not have been able to relax very easily or as fast. Any questions that might have come up during the first few minutes of my float had already been answered so my mind was free to truly relax.  

3. Focus on relaxing your body as well as your mind. There were times at first where I would feel my thoughts clearing my head but I would then find myself tensing up certain parts of my body like my neck or even my jaw.  Take the first five minutes to really make sure that every part of you is relaxed, not just your mind.  


Ready to try floating for yourself?

To learn more about the benefits of floating and find a location near you, check out our free Float 101 mini course. 



Tales From the Tent - Episode 1: Three Ways to Prep for Your Float at Home

We are excited to announce a new Youtube series entitled, "Tales From the Tent," where each week our owner, Shane, will be going over different tips, tricks, and advice about floating at home in your own Zen Float Tent.  In our first episode he covers 3 Ways to Prep for Your Float at Home so when your float tent arrives, you are set and ready-to-go.  View the full video below:


The main points he covers in this episode to prep for a float are:

1. Shower before your float. - To help keep the water clean and keep residue from your skin and hair out.  

2. Get a wash rag with fresh water - In case you get salt in your eyes, it will burn so have a towel ready to help wash it out.

3. Keep a towel within arms reach - To dry off afterwards and not make a puddle or mess outside of your tent.  

If you have a question you would like to see on a Tales from the Tent Episode, please comment below and we will use your feedback for future episodes.

Thanks for tuning in!