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Finding Your Float Habit (A Sneak Peak Into Our FREE Float 101 eCourse)

How does anyone know how much they should float? It's a common question that we get A LOT.  

Once a month? Once a week? Once a day? 

Let's just say, there are many variables and many different reasons to float. In this post I'm going to break down the different reasons to float, and explain good frequency to float in each.


Finding Your Float Habit


1. Spiritual Exploration

What can I say? As often as possible. The majority of home floaters are after this benefit, and they float multiple times a week. This is too personal to offer a frequency, you'll just know.  


2. Stress Relief

I float for stress relief and I find that twice a week is a great frequency. I float Monday mornings to start my week on the right foot, and Friday to wrap the week up and wind down for the weekend. This could also be situational, so if you find you're going through a stressful time you float more, and if things are peaceful you can back off. 

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3. Physical Pain Relief

Two things here. First if you're floating for relief from an injury you can float as needed, much like you would see a chiropractor. When the pain resides, you could quit floating. Second, if you're floating from chronic pain or a disorder like Fibromyalgia, you're going to want to float as often as possible, or as often as needed. Because chronic pain is so personal, it's hard to give a frequency. 


4. Improve Sleep 

If you're looking to improve your sleep through floating you can do it with the MED (minimum effective dose). If you can get the sleep you want by floating every other week, do it. You may get better at the relaxation response and find you don't need to float to keep the skills you've learned. Or you may find yourself so worked up that you need to float weekly to keep that good sleep. Whatever the habit it, just shoot for the MED. 


5. Anxiety Relief 

As often as possible and then some. I battle anxiety and although it's not a big deal right now for me, it has a way of creeping up. You'll need to float as often as possible until you find relief, and then get on a maintenance program. So many times with anxiety I've started to feel better and quit my healthy habits only to wind back up in a panic attack. Always maintain with a regular float even if you feel  you don't need it. Maybe that's weekly, or monthly, you will know. 


6. Depression Relief

Floating will not cure your depression, it will only aid you in relieving it as a healthy habit, that is why having a regular float is a good plan. Shoot for at least monthly, hopefully more. There are other huge factors with depression like eating, staying fit, healthy relationships, and a healthy psychology. You will need to dive into each, and mix floating in where you feel the need. Floating can be a powerful tool to help you. 


7. Athletic Performance

This would definitely fall under the as needed column. You may need to float to recover from a long run, to ease your muscles from weight lifting, or to relax after a hard game. Either way, you will be floating as needed. Same goes for visualization, go as much as you need to for what you're after. You will be your own floating expert. 


8. Intake Overload

This has the same prescription as stress relief. I find that twice a week is a great frequency. I float Monday mornings to start my week on the right foot, and Friday to wrap the week up and wind down for the weekend. Keeping the habit even when you feel good and not overloaded will be the key. 


Note: I am not a doctor, you must seek out professional advice for any new health practice. I am speaking from experience with anxiety, depression, stress, and overload. These are my opinions. 

Note 2: If you're floating more than a few times a month, having your own tank could save you TONS of money. Just calculate the amount of floats you will likely have per year and times by 50. This will give you your yearly spend on floating. If it's over $2,500 and you want a tank in your home the most affordable option is the Zen Float Tent. 


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