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[Video] - How To Fill Up A Float Tent: Part 1

Have you ever wondered what goes in to filling up a float tank with 200 gallons of water and 800 pounds of epsom salt?

It sounds like a ton of work just to be able to experience the many benefits of sensory deprivation at home, but surprisingly it's easier than you think!

To give you a visual idea of what goes into filling up a tank, we did a Facebook LIVE video and filmed our team filling up a Float Tent for use at the Zen Float Co office. In the video below, we answer questions live from our Facebook audience and also share some our most valuable tips and secrets.

Whether you've been on the fence about buying a float tank for yourself or are just curious after watching an episode of Netflix's 'Stranger Things', this video is worth checking out.

View the full replay by clicking the play below button below. 

In this video, our team covers:

  • Tips before getting started
  • Why we include an inline water filter with your purchase
  • Things to consider when choosing the placement of your float tank
  • The best ways to mix up the epsom salt
  • Different ways to insulate the bottom of the tank 
  • Where to purchase bulk epsom salt
  • How often you need to purchase and replace the epsom salt 
  • Other tips about at home sensory deprivation and maintenance 

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