Tales From the Tent

TFTT Episode 11 - Personal Optimization

Floating has many uses but one of the most popular is for personal optimization.  The float tank can help you mentally prepare for an event or big speech, recharge faster and perform better overall in your life. Watch this week's Tales From the Tent episode to hear more about using an isolation tank for personal optimization in your daily life.  

Do you have your own ways of floating for personal optimization? Share your story with us by leaving a comment below!

TFTT Episode 10 - Knowing When to End Your Float

A question we get all the time: how long do I float?

This episode of Tales From the Tent dives into all the different answers to this question. Basically, there is a short answer and also a long, philosophical one.  Watch the video below to find out more. 

 A good reminder: there are no expectations and there are no rules for a float. There is nothing you need to float for specifically. You're going to find rhythms and patterns you like, but just float for whatever feels right for you.  Float for as long feels right for you. 

Do you have your own way of determining when to end your float? We welcome you to share your tips with us below!


TFTT Episode 9 - Customizing Your Float

This week's Tales From the Tent episode is one for all home floaters.  Customizing your float; It seriously doesn't get any easier than in the Zen Float Tent. 

3 things discussed in the video:

  1. Water Temperature - Completely customizable up to .1 degree. Some floaters are more cold blooded and like their water temp higher around 94 or 95 degrees, while other floaters prefer the water colder on the 93 to 93.5 degree range. 
  2. Air Temperature - The ideal room temperature for floating is about 75 to 78 degrees but in some cases, you might not have a lot of control of the room temperature where you are floating. An inexpensive portable heater will easily take care of this problem and can be used for other cold rooms in the house as well.
  3. Music - The new My Zen App we recently released now allows you the ability to add music fade-in/fade-out tracks during your float.  Try using it with your favorite song or a relaxing zen track to enhance your float experience.  

TFTT Episode 8 - Wrapping Up Your Float at Home

Many of us are experienced floaters but do not know the first thing about what actions to takebefore and after your float.  In our latest Tales From the Tent episode we show you some suggestion on how to wrap up your float at home.  Some tips discussed in this week's episode are: plug in the UV filter so your water is clean for your next float, wash your ears out of any salt water, and also write down any ideas or creative thoughts that might have occurred while in the tent.  Check out the full video for more in depth detail.  

What other things do you do before getting ready to end your float session?  Please share your tips with us in the comments below!

TFTT Episode 7 - Creative Floating

In this week's episode of Tales From the Tent we dive into the topic of Creative Floating. Float tanks increase Theta brainwaves which are linked to vision and creativity.  Many floaters use the tank as a place to support and even enhance their creative ability.  Check out the video below for three different ways to enhance your creativity thinking during your float.  

How else do you enhance your creativity while floating? Please share your tips in the comments below!

TFTT Episode 6 - How to Deal With Interruptions During Your Float

In this week's episode of Tales From the Tent we talk about something that every floater at home will probably experience at some point, interruptions.  No one likes to be interrupted during their float but there are several ways you can minimize them from happening.  Watch the full video to hear our suggestions and find out more.  

We hope this video helps you to have a better float at home. If you have any suggestions on how to minimize interruptions, please share them with us in the comments below!

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TFTT Episode 5 - Getting Comfortable With Your Float

In this week's episode of Tales From the Tent, we dive into the important topic of getting comfortable with your float.  Because the more comfortable and relaxed you are, the more you will feel the benefits of your session.  Three things that are outlined in the video are adjusting your water temperature, tensing up and relaxing, and using a float cushion for possible relief.  Watch the full video for more insight.  

TFTT Episode 2 - How to Get Into the Floating Zone

Do you have trouble shutting off your mind and getting into the zone when it comes time to floating? If so, this week's Tales From the Tent video is for you! Also, great for first time floaters. 

In the video below Shane gives advice on three different techniques that significantly help with getting you into the floating zone: 

1. Find out if you are a morning or night floater.  Does your mind keep running in the morning or evening? When do you like to feel the most relaxed? 

2. Count down from 100 and picture each number hitting the surface of your mind. If you lose track, start over. Eventually your thoughts will start to subside. 

3. Tense up and relax every muscle in your body.  Start at your feet and work your way up through the core and up to your head. 

Do you have any other techniques that you use to get into the floating zone that weren't mentioned in this video? PLEASE share them with us below!