Floating and Pregnancy

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Pregnancy can be gruelling on a woman’s body. For the bulk of nine months, they are dealing with nausea, weight gain, mood swings and all other sorts of things calculated to increase stress. Spending time floating can feel like heaven during pregnancy.

An isolation tank can be a blessing for a pregnant woman. Floating in warm saltwater can ease the daily stress of pregnancy. And it offers some specific benefits, including:

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  • Stress release: Once inside the tank, the tension on muscles and nerves can melt away. This helps both mother and baby become calm. Some women can actually use this experience to help their baby kick and roll around with reduced frequency. 

  • Taking weight strain away: Floating is offers a semi-weightless environment. A pregnant woman can find relief from the strain and weight of carrying a baby. 

  • Relaxation: Pregnancy can make it hard to get a good night’s sleep and can make the entire act sleeping uncomfortable. Floating lets a woman relaxing inside the isolation tank. The pain and pressure on her joints eases and she can feel as rejuvenated as she does with taking a quick nap.

  • Late stage pregnancy relief: The final trimester of a pregnancy is the worst for physical and emotional discomfort. At times, it just hurts for a pregnant women to be on her feet. And it also feels awful seeing an ever-growing belly each day. Floating can take away some of the pressure caused by the weight and help a woman get a better grasp on the emotional roller coaster she is experiencing.

Some pregnant women may be concerned about putting their baby’s health at risk if they spend time in an isolation tank. Research suggests floating is quite safe for the unborn fetus in most cases. There are exceptions to the rule. If you are in the first trimester of your pregnancy or have a high-risk pregnancy, you should consult with your doctor before floating.