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[Video] - How To Fill Up A Float Tent: Part 2

This is the second video in a two-part video series showing you all the steps that go into filling up a float tent, installing the pumps and cover, and getting the Float Tent ready for your first float. 

In this video our team covers:

  • How to install the filter pumps, tubes, tent cover and door poles.
  • Tips and tricks for the best home install
  • The main differences between the v1.0 and current 1.5 new and improved model of the Float Tent
  • What to do if your tank gets a leak or tear 
  • Tricks for sound-proofing
  • Post-Float relaxation tips


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    July Favorite Floater - Jeremy Lopez

    Name: Jeremy Lopez

    Location: Corpus Christi, Texas

    Length of time you've been floating at home: Since December of 2014 

    What made you get into floating and why do you love it?

    It was on July 4th, 2008, My brother and I attended UFC 86 in Vegas. The night before the fight Joe Rogan had a comedy show. I didn't realize he was comedian. I knew him from the UFC and Fear Factor so we decided to go to his show.

    Before the show my brother told me that Rogan was giving away this tank that he lays in on youtube. I was like whaaaat? exactly what does this tank do? My brother didn't really know either. So when I got home I started to Youtube research Joe Rogan and thats how I found out he had podcast.

    Every podcast it seemed he would bring up this isolation tank and how amazing it was all the benefits and that nobody is doing it or talking about it.  After listening to him over and over then watching that one video that somebody made of Rogan explaining exactly what float tank is and does, I was like, "Okay, I have to try it. There is no way it could be that great." I wrestled professionally for 10 years from doing small shows, WCW and Japan. I have heard and seen a lot of BS. I figured the tank was just going to be waste of time.

    Boy was I wrong. I picked a weekend and flew out to Venice Beach. I had my first session at Float Lab and after 2hrs and 40 bucks later I was like, "OMG now I understand."

    Since then I have made floating a routine. I cant imagine not doing it. For me, not only do I feel amazing when get out of a session I feel like I reset my brain. I know that sounds weird but thats the only way to describe it.  Plus ,who doesn't want to go to space and fly through black holes and see the galaxy of stars? 


    Any cool experiences floating that you want to share?

    Yes, my first two session at Float Lab were back to back. I did 2 hours on Saturday and almost 3 hours the next day. During this time I was pretty much done with Pro Wrestling and was working as a roughneck in the oilfield offshore. I had a schedule of 14 days home and 14 days in the middle of the ocean on a drilling rig. At work all I would do was eat, sleep, work. When I went home all I would do was eat and sleep. I was to lazy to do anything else didn't have energy to do anything. So, of course my bodyweight went out of control.

    It was after either my first session or second that I would say I had an out of body experience. I remember I could see myself laying down and asking myself, "WHY ARE YOU NOT WORKING OUT ANY MORE? WHY ARE YOU EATING LIKE CRAP? WHY ARE YOU LETTING YOURSELF GO? YOU HAVE NO EXCUSES. YOU USED TO BE PROFESSIONAL ATHLETE. YOU ARE GOING DOWN THE WRONG PATH. WAKE UP, GET IN CONTROL OF YOURSELF."

    So, thats what I did. I remember Crash the owner of Float Lab saying that he gave me the sound to get out of the tank but I was so far gone that I didn't hear it. That session felt like I battled my ego and and somehow I traveled into another dimension that I didn't even know was possible to get to. I say that because you know how you see those tiny dust particles floating around in a room? Thats pretty much what I felt like. I had no sensation that I had a body, no sense of time, all I know is it was euphoric.

    After that session I changed everything. I went from 225lbs to 185lbs in probably less than years time.


    Any tips,tricks, or advice you would share with other fellow floaters or Zen Tent owners?

    I recommend for your first time go to float center and book yourself 90min or 120min session. If you really want to explore you inner self it might be a bit pricey but 60 min to me is not enough time to get accustomed to the tank.

    I tell people all the time dont worry about how much time you have left when you are in the tank or how much time has passed, somebody will come get you when your time is up. Also try to listen to heart beats see how slow you can get it. Concentrate on your breathing. First timers no music, no lights. 

    Zen Tent Owners, we have the Tent probably for the same reasons: we can float when we want, there is no hourly price and thats awesome.  We used to have large participation on the message board not sure where everybody went. 

    P.S Make sure you take a piss before you go in the Tank 


    Make sure to check out Jeremy on Twitter! He's been doing live broadcasts on Periscope with his Zen Float Tent and is open to chatting about floating with others. 


    Joe Rogan takes on floating

    Rogan uses floating to unlock incredible mental journeys. 

    sensory deprivation tank joe rogan.jpg

    Joe Rogan knows floating. There’s no celebrity who has devoted more time to unlocking the secrets of what an isolation tank can do for the human mind.

    Rogan made a career out of pushing ordinary people to their limits on the popular NBC series “Fear Factor.” Each episode featured contestants facing their deepest fears through completing physically or mentally challenging stunts. They learned more about themselves through facing and conquering the fears represented in those stunts.

    Rogan has applied the principle of testing limits to his own life. He has given many interviews in recent years chronicling the metaphysical journeys he has undertaken while experimenting with floating in an isolation tank.

    Joe rogans sensory deprivation tank.jpg

    For Rogan, time spent in an isolation tank is time devoted to evolving one’s mind. He described it in one video interview as “the most bizarre physical experience I have had in my life.”

    During each floating session, Rogan spends 20 minutes experiencing a life review. This gives Rogan a chance to see what issues he needs to resolve in his life and which of his choices are correct. From there, he lets go of his thoughts and enters into a state of pure relaxation.

    “Your body gives you amazing energy,” Rogan says. “The tension release you have in your body from a couple of hours in the tank is incredible. You feel lighter. You feel like more oxygen is in your body. You feel more vibrant. And it’s because somehow you have calmed the tension.”

    float onion.jpg

    What happens next to Rogan feels like it could be ripped from the realm of science fiction. He describes losing his feeling of boundaries. The feeling of the water, the air and his skin all vanish and evaporate like a mist.

    Rogan eventually reaches a point where he passes through all physical boundaries and feels like he has become a being of pure energy. He is truly at one with the universe.

    Rogan equates the mental effects of floating in an isolation tank with an onion. Each session peels back a new layer in his mind.

    “Everybody should do the tank,” Rogan says. “You will learn more about yourself than any other way.”

    That’s advice no one should be afraid to follow.