Floating Education

Can Floating be a Shared Experience with Family and Friends?

Anyone who spends time in an isolation tank quickly becomes familiar with the healing benefits that come from floating. Your body and mind both feel upgraded into better versions of themselves even after a single session. It can be seen in the happy expression and positive attitude you show long after the session is done.


It is definitely an experience you want to share with the people you care about the most – your family and friends. So how do you discuss the power of floating with them, especially if they are the type of person who sees alternative natural therapies to be a weird new-age hippie thing?

Educating your family and friends on the isolation tank itself is a good starting point. You can give a rundown on how it operates and what the environment will feel like to them when they first step inside. Knowledge will help put their mind at ease before starting a floating session.

Explain to them that an isolation tank is a small pod filled with water. This water is treated with Epsom salt to allow your body to float on the water. A person can seal the door or leave it open during the floating session – depending on their preference. When it is sealed, the isolation tank is soundproof and blocks out the light. You can spend the time relaxing as you float or engaged in meditation.


An isolation tank provides isolation from the distractions of the outside world. You can explain how it allows you to focus on your own thoughts and feelings. Some people consider this a form of sensory deprivation, but it is much more low-impact. Absence of outside stimuli is deliberate and temporary. A floater can leave the tank at any time they choose.

Removing those elements promotes a feeling of peace. The body can relax from stress and it opens the mind to heal whatever needs to be healed. A floater comes away feeling rejuvenated and possessing increased energy. Shutting off one portion of your brain allows other portions to roam free. A floater can do everything from lessening anxiety or depression to increasing their creativity.

The bottom line is sharing your isolation tank experiences with family and friends matters. They need to know how it benefits you and how it can help them.