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Floating and the Red Carpet

A couple of weeks ago our company had a cool opportunity to go and setup a Float Tent on the red carpet in Hollywood, for E! Online's Live From the Red Carpet Oscars 2016 show. It was live to millions and we were beyond excited to get to show our product off on National Television for the very first time.

To represent our company we sent our co founder, Shane, and Jaymie, our head of marketing, to talk about our product and demonstrate how it works. 

Watch the clip below for a full replay of the segment:


If you haven't tried floating yet, what's stopping you? Book a float now at a center near you.

Or find out more about our home float tank setup by clicking here. 

Tales From the Tent - Episode 1: Three Ways to Prep for Your Float at Home

We are excited to announce a new Youtube series entitled, "Tales From the Tent," where each week our owner, Shane, will be going over different tips, tricks, and advice about floating at home in your own Zen Float Tent.  In our first episode he covers 3 Ways to Prep for Your Float at Home so when your float tent arrives, you are set and ready-to-go.  View the full video below:


The main points he covers in this episode to prep for a float are:

1. Shower before your float. - To help keep the water clean and keep residue from your skin and hair out.  

2. Get a wash rag with fresh water - In case you get salt in your eyes, it will burn so have a towel ready to help wash it out.

3. Keep a towel within arms reach - To dry off afterwards and not make a puddle or mess outside of your tent.  

If you have a question you would like to see on a Tales from the Tent Episode, please comment below and we will use your feedback for future episodes.

Thanks for tuning in!

Affordable floating for sports rehab

Floating is tailor made for athletes looking to repair their bodies and minds.

Nothing bugs an athlete more than being on the bench or sideline instead of playing in the game. Sports injuries can keep an athlete out of action and force them to watch others make plays.

Sport Rehab sensory deprivation tank.jpg

Floating is a tool that can help an athlete deal with sports injuries in a better way. Spending extended time in an isolation tank can help a person rejuvenate both their mind and body.

Even one floating session melts away stress and promotes peace. You can feel it in your muscles and joints. For an athlete recovering from an injury, this type of relaxation can promote faster healing and give them a better foundation for strengthening those important muscles and joints. Floating can truly help their body feel like new again.

Taking time out to go to the spa and take a dip in the float tank isn’t always feasible or practical. The good news is now you can do floating on your own terms with the Zen Float Tent.

It is the next stage in floating. The Zen Float Tent brings the isolation experience directly to you. It is lightweight and does not take up a ton of space. You can set up a float tent in any average sized room.

What this means is that floating is available at any time and for any purpose. There’s no reason to spend tons of money on regular floating sessions elsewhere. If you are an athletic trainer, you can buy a Zen Float Tent, set it up and make it available to athletes you are treating. It delivers the whole floating experience at a fraction of the cost.

This is great news for an athlete looking to rehabilitate an injured ligament or tendon or strengthen bones or muscles after an injury. Just like a regular isolation tank, the tent uses warm water infused with 800 lbs of Epsom salt to provide a true floating experience. It is composed of lightweight and durable materials that are completely leak proof.

Sports injuries do not need to be an obstacle to athletic goals. Floating can help heal your body and mind so you can get back in the game on your timetable. There’s no better time than now to turn to the Zen Float Tent and start on that road to recovery.

Our Kickstarter is running until May 29th 2014. Here’s a link FloatAtHome.com