Making the grade through floating

Floating makes your brain work smart instead of working hard.

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There’s a better way to get ready for final exams instead of staying up all night studying. Floating can unlock your brain power and help you get better grades.

What is the connection between a float tank and the classroom? A simple answer is that floating opens the door for improving concentration and retaining short-term memories.

Living in the digital age has made it harder for the human brain to carve out time for deep thinking. A fast food mentality has seeped into virtually every aspect of life. We don’t just want everything right now. We wanted it yesterday.

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This fast-paced world is creating a brain strain. A study done at the University of California, San Diego found that the average person living in the United States in 2008 processed three times the amount of information as their counterparts did in 1960. This is one reason why people now seem more rushed and frantic to get things done and less effective in doing those tasks.

Getting away from the noise and stress of the outside world calms the mind. It helps people refocus on what is important. Their brains work better because they become more attentive and improve their memory.

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Spending even an hour inside an isolation tank is enough to calm your brain. You allow yourself to think more deeply than normal. Doing this will unlock your subconscious mind. It will stimulate creativity and innovative thinking.

After your time in the tank, problems that seemed impossible to solve may finally offer a solution. The mental clarity you get from floating beats a cram session any day of the week. It is like having an internal study aid and tutor rolled into one.

Floating and Your Brain Part II: Left Brain vs Right Brain

A human brain is divided into two distinct hemispheres. Each hemisphere is responsible for carrying out different functions that are important to keeping the human body alive and healthy.


The left hemisphere is the logical side. It pays attention to detail and processes analytical information. Reason and logic are the products of left brain functions The right hemisphere, on the other hand, operates by pattern recognition. It absorbs large amounts of information and stimulates emotional or creative responses. This makes the right hemisphere the driving force behind creative expression such as painting, writing and singing.

How does this relate to floating in an isolation tank? A simple answer is that flotation opens the door to the right hemisphere of a floater’s brain. It allows the right brain to become dominant over the left brain – even for a short time.


A floater experiences increased right brain function inside an isolation tank. One reason is that the external distractions that enable the left brain to dominate are shut off during a floating session. When our bodies are able to relax, it also frees our mind.

The clutter of thoughts reduces to a trickle and the negative energy dissipates. Our natural creative side emerges and we are able to see the world in a brand new light.

There’s no sense suppressing your right brain. Letting your creative energies roam free can let you find inspiration and meaning on days when the world seems overwhelming. It offers another reason why floating is good for you.


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