What It's Like To Float In The Zen Float Tank

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to float in the Zen Float Tank? Get a first-hand look in the video below where our team filmed our cofounder Shane floating Live on camera. 

In this short video we cover all the details from the size of the tank, weight, material, how to clean and filter your water, and so much more. 

Talking Points From The Video:

  • 1:40 - Shane lays down to float and Monique touches on how much space there is inside of the tank

  • 2:20 - Monique and Shane explain the filtration system and how the water inside the tank stays clean between floats

  • 3:26 - Monique talks about how much time you need to plan for between floats

  • 3:43 - Shane stands up to show the height of the tent. For reference, he is about 6 feet tall.

  • 3:58 - The importance of our new added drip mat platform to help keep your float space clean

  • 5:23 - Monique talks about the waterproof lighting we use inside of the tank

  • 5:53 - Details about the the material of the tank

  • 7:16 - Learn how much you can expect to pay monthly to keep the tank heated

  • 9:03 - The weight of the tank once it's filled with water and epsom salt

 For questions or more information, please email us info@zenfloatco.com or call 385-800-6883