The Zen Float Tank vs The Float Tent

Here at Zen Float Co we offer two affordable float tanks for people who to experience the benefits of floating and sensory deprivation from home. 

The first is our original Float Tent, which starts at just $2,220.

The second is our new Zen Float Tank, which will retail for $4,200 on our website after our campaign funds on Kickstarter. 

Both are great options for someone who wants the benefits of floating from the comfort of their home, but each feature very different designs.

Watch the video below where we walk through the difference between the two, with both tanks setup side-by-side at our office. 

The Tank vs the Tent

Talking points from the video:

  • 0:10 - Monique introduces James, our float specialist

  • 0:58 - James demonstrates how easy it is to inflate the door on the new tank

  • 2:20 - Monique shows off how solid the new tank is

  • 2:48 - Differences between the Tank vs the Tent: Material

  • 3:51 - James address the common question, "what about leaks?"

  • 5:25 - Differences between the Tank vs the Tent: Size

  • 6:58 - Differences between the Tank vs the Tent: Volume

  • 8:07 - Similarities between the Tank vs the Tent: Filtration System and Heating Pads and Voltage

For questions or more information, email us or 385-800-6883.