Installing Heater Pads + Filtration On New Zen Tank

In this video, we do a full explanation of our heating + filtration systems. We then quickly show you how to set up the heater pads and install the filtration system. When you get a tank or tent you will get more detailed instructions; however, this video shows you the basics and just how easy it is to get your tank up and running.

Video: Installing Heater Pads + Filtration

Time Stamp:

  1. 0:00 - Introduction + explanation of video

  2. 0:27 - Begin heater pad installation + basic design overview

  3. 1:04 - Direction + placement of heater pads

  4. 1:52 - Placing tank structure on heating pads

  5. 3:05 - Explanation of how our filtration system works

  6. 4:40 - Begin installing filtration system

  7. 10:20 - Measuring water + salt levels in the tank

  8. 11:55 - Light proofing with the door design + ventilation caps

  9. 13:00 - Showing the darkness of the inside of the tank

  10. 13:45 - How we chose what features would be on the tank

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