7 Reasons To Make Floating A Regular Part Of Your Wellness Routine In 2019

It’s that time of year again, when we start reflecting on the past and setting intentions for the future. It can be so exciting to make future plans, but it can also get overwhelming thinking of everything you want to accomplish. How will you be able to get it all done? What if there was one thing you could do that will help you grow physically, mentally and spiritually?

Well, good news. Floating in a sensory deprivation tank has physical, mental, and spiritual benefits. I think we hit the trifecta!

Here are 7 reasons why floating should be a regular part your wellness routine for 2019:

Results For Body + Mind + Spirit

As mentioned earlier, floating can help your improve mentally, physically, and spiritually. Mentally, floating is a great stress reducer, can help calm a monkey mind, and can boost your creativity. Physically, the epsom salt in a float tank helps relax muscles, softens hair + skin, and helps your body detox. Spiritually, floating is one of the best tools for self-development and exploring other levels of consciousness, because when in a sensory deprivation tank there are really no distractions - just time to be alone with yourself.  

Sleep Better

Even after just one float session, your mind and body will be calmed. The epsom salt in float tanks relaxes muscles and releases tension being stored in your body. This leaves you physically more relaxed. Your cortisol levels, which is your stress hormone, are also reduced from floating (Turner and Fine). In fact, one study done found that 1 hour in a float tank reduces your cortisol levels the same amount that sleeping four hours would (Feinstein et al. 2018).  

If you want to read more about the scientific benefits of floating, CLICK HERE.

Reduce Stress + Put Your Mind At Ease

As mentioned above, floating helps lower cortisol levels (Turner and Fine). Cortisol is your stress response hormone, and when it is too high for too long, you begin to feel overwhelmed or even anxious. Floating helps lower that, helping you to physiologically reduce stress and feel more calm.

Secondly, floating is a great place to problem solve. Because there are no distractions you can easily let your mind run. And floating boost creativity (Norlander et al), so allowing yourself to problems solve in a tank can lead to some creative solutions. Giving yourself that free time to think, to problem solve, to let go, will help put your mind at ease after a float.   


The magnesium in epsom salt is crucial for detoxification. Along with the new celery juice trend, floating in a tank full of epsom salt can help your body detox from various toxic substances and heavy metals (Segura, Gabriela). Magnesium assists in detox by stimulating cell activity to release toxins into the bloodstream so they can be removed.

Take A Break From Technology

It’s no secret that we are surrounded by technology and mass advertising. Whether it’s from your cell phone, television, laptop, social media, etc., we are constantly distracted and consumed by what’s going on around us. All of these messages we receive can lead to comparison, to feelings of unworthiness, and can decrease our focus, creativity and individuality.

When in a float tank, you have no outside stimulus. That means no advertisements, no technology, and nothing to distract you. It is the most efficient way to step back from technology and get a mental break from all of the noise in our society.  

10x Your Self Awareness

As mentioned above, there is no stimulus when you are in a sensory deprivation tank. You are only left with you and your thoughts, which can sound a little daunting. However, this is also the reason why float tanks are the most efficient form of self improvement and the easiest way to develop your self-awareness. Because you have no input telling you who you should be or what you should do. Rather, you get the chance to reconnect with yourself and rediscover who you truly are without any distractions to influence your thoughts.

Achieve Your Other New Year’s Resolutions

We have often compared floating to the gym — the more you float (or the more you go to the gym), the better you feel. And have you ever noticed when you start working out, you all of a sudden want to eat better, want to wake up earlier, etc, almost like it has a rollover effect on other areas of your life? Well, floating is the exact same way.

When you start floating you become more mindful of everything you do — of the conversations you have, of the books you read, the TV you watch, the foods you consume. And it becomes a rollover effect that helps improve every aspect of your life.    

So whatever the reason may be for you, there is always a reason to float. Read more about floating and the benefits in this blog post: From 1st Float to 10th float - What Happens Once You Begin To Create A Regular Practice

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Photo from: Rest House Float Centre