Why The Holiday Season Is The Best Time To Float

The holiday season can bring up a lot of feelings — both good and not-so-good. Because of the increase in family time, the extra money you spend on gifts, the stress from trying to get everything done, the holiday season can leave us feeling overwhelmed + exhausted. On top of all of that, the holidays are supposed to be filled with love, joy + gratitude.

This combination of mixed feelings is one of the many reasons the holiday season is the best time to float. Here is why:


    We all know the holidays are stressful. All of a sudden we have parties + dinners every weekend. The is a huge increase in traffic and people shopping, making even necessary trips to the grocery store a hassle. And, many of us are under more financial stress during this season creating a perfect recipe for overwhelm + exhaustion.

    But, floating can help. Floating helps decrease cortisol levels, which is our stress response hormone. Reducing this hormone physically calms us and helps us reach a state of deep relaxation (Turner and Fine). To read more about the scientific benefits of floating, check out this article HERE.

  2. MOOD

    On top of the stress, our environment doesn’t help us out much either. For those of us living in the Northern Hemisphere, the holiday season takes place during winter, where days get shorter & darker. This can lead to many changes in our mood including seasonal affective disorder (SAD), depression, lack of motivation, fatigue, and much more.

    Floating, however, can help combat this. During the winter we see the sun much less, reducing our intake of Vitamin D. Vitamin D deficiency has been linked with SAD + depression (Penckofer, et al.). Magnesium, which is found in the epsom salt in float tanks, helps increase the activity of vitamin D, and potentially lifting feelings of sadness.


    Yep, presence, not presents. Taking time to yourself in a float tank can increase your ability to be present and more fully engaged with family members and friends. By floating, you can problem solve, work through your thoughts, bring yourself into the now. and effectively calm your mind. You now take this outside of the float tank, creating a calmer, more present YOU.


    You don’t have to wait until the New Year to start making changes. By floating through the holiday season, you will finish your year off strong and are one step ahead of everyone who waited.

    Floating is also like going to the gym. Have you every noticed that when you start working out more it’s easier to eat healthier, to wake up earlier, etc.? That is the same for floating. Starting this one good habit will rollover into the rest of your life, improving other areas as well.

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