What To Expect During Your First Float

If you’ve never floated before, it can be an intimidating experience. What do I do for an hour in silence? What if I get bored? What if I get claustrophobic? A lot of questions can come up. So we put together this blog article to help calm nerves, ease minds and get you prepped for your first float.

Starting Your Float

At A Float Center

If you are floating a float center or float spa, the employees will be there to help introduce you to floating. Usually might have a short video or handout to help explain what the process looks like. They will also explain their spa’s guidelines.

Once you finish introductions, you will be taken to your float room. Where you will shower to remove oils and dead hair to help keep the water cleaner. Then you will you enter your float pod.

At Home

If your first float happens to be in your home, the procedure is fairly similar. Though you won’t have introductions from spa attendants, you will still shower before entering your own float tank. Then you can stay and float as long as you like.

When Your Float Is Over

At A Float Center

Typically, lights or sounds will be on in the tank for the first five minutes to help you settle in. Then, they will slowly come back on again the last five minutes of your float, signaling you to get out. This may vary at different float spas.

Once you get out of the tank, you will want to shower, fully washing hair + body to remove excess epsom salt.

At Home

When floating at home, there is no signal that it’s time to get out because you can float as long as you like. Typically we suggest floating for 60-90 minutes on your first go, and extending that time as you deepen your float practice. But really, it is how ever long feels good to you.

During Your Float

Floating can be life-changing, and that’s what everyone talks about. However, it might not be that “life-changing” on your first ever float. In fact, most people say it takes about 3 floats to really get comfortable and notice the changes.

A lot of people fear floating because they are claustrophobic. That is valid, and so we offer various ways to overcome claustrophobia and enjoy your first float in this blog article.

And if you aren’t claustrophobic, it can still feel a bit uncomfortable to sit in silence. So here are some quick tips to relaxing in a float:

  1. Take a couple minutes to ground before entering the tank

  2. Focus on your breathing

  3. Count backwards from 100 - 0

  4. Do a body scan

  5. Play around with different body positions

  6. Recognize the first float might be uncomfortable

  7. Joe Rogan recommends to try floating 3 times before you decide if it is for you or not  

Here is a video explaining what to expect (and not expect) during your first float:

Talking Points From Video:

  1. 00:20 - Introduction

  2. 00:52 - Shane tells his first experience with floating & expectations

  3. 2:08 - Float three times & Monique’s experiencing with floating

  4. 3:10 - What to do on your first float

  5. 4:35 - Tips to relaxing in a tank

  6. 4:40 - Ground yourself before the float

  7. 4:57 - Focus on your breathing

  8. 5:05 - Count backwards from 100

  9. 5:58 - Not forcing meditation

  10. 7:37 - Body scan

  11. 8:16 - Allowing your head to relax

  12. 9:30 - Testing various body positions

  13. 10:45 - Closing thoughts

  14. 11:19 - Answering customer questions