6 Signs That It's Time to Take a Break

Ever heard the saying, "Listen to your body, it's smarter than you."

Well, there's a lot of truth behind this simple phrase. While your mind is not always the most honest with you, your body is stays truthful and cannot tell a lie. 

When we need to sleep, we yawn and feel tired. When we need to be refueled, our belly growls and we feel hungry.When we need to recover, our body aches and we feel stiff. 

Same thing goes for when your body needs recharging–it lets you know. Here are 6 clear signs that it's time for you to relax and give your body a rest: 


1. High anxiety

Anxiety comes in all different forms but racing thoughts, feeling distracted, and lack of sleep are just a few of the common side affects. When you're anxious, it's simply a sign of your body telling you that you need to calm down. While meditation can be an easy and accessible solution to this, it sometimes feels impossible to focus your mind when you're anxious. This is why floating in a sensory deprivation tank is so powerful, because it creates the most ideal environment to achieve deep levels of meditation and relaxation.  


2. You're feeling stuck creatively

Struggling to get your creative juices floating? Whether you're working on a post for your blog or just helping your child with their upcoming art assignment, lack of creativity can often be a sign that you have too much on your mind. Sometimes all it takes is an hour to disconnect with the world and reconnect with yourself to get the creativity flowing again. 


3. Distracted or restless

We've all had those days at work where there's a big project that needs to get done but you just can't seem to stop pacing around the office. You're restless, and antsy, and nothing can get you to focus. It's okay to be distracted every once in a while, but if you've found it happening more than usual it may be time press pause and reset your mind. Float therapy is a excellent technique that many have found to improve concentration because it forces you to literally focus on one thing and removes all possible distractions. 


4. Your muscles are tense

When the body is stressed your muscles can become tense. It’s an automatic response and your body’s way of guarding against injury and pain. While it's most common for your muscles to tighten in your upper back, neck and shoulders but it could happen in any parts of your body and is a sign that those muscles need some extra care. And what could possibly be better than soaking your muscles in 800lbs. of epsom salt?  


5. Lack of motivation or negative thinking

If you find yourself sinking down in the dirt, there's no better time to (literally) float it out. The primary cause of unhappiness or negative thoughts is never the situation itself, but your thoughts about the situation. Often times you just need to take a step back in order to shift your mindset into the right place and the elimination of external stimuli in a float tank it produces chemical changes in the body that allow for clarity of thought. 


6. Fuzzy memory

Like a plane needs fuel, your brain needs sleep, and neither will run for very long on empty. Studies show that among other things, your body uses sleep to stabilize chemical imbalances and to process the memories and knowledge that you've gathered throughout the day.  If you're having trouble remembering details it could be a sign that you need to rest your mind. While it may be hard to squeeze in a few extra hours of sleep, it's been said that floating for one hour is equivalent to four hours of sleep. 


Learn more about how float therapy can help you relax, refresh and rejuvenate in our Free Float 101 Online Course.