7 Ways to Make Your Post-Float Glow Last For Longer

Like a cold beer on a hot summer day, the effects of floating can satisfy both your physical and emotional needs. But how frustrating is it when you can feel your tension and anxiety start to return the moment you get done and step outside the tank? 

All it takes is one annoying email from your boss to stress you out and raise your blood pressure - which is what you just spent an hour trying to bring down. 

The next time you decide to invest an hour of your time to yourself, take these simple steps to ensure that your post-float glow will last as long as possible:

7 ways to make your post-float glow last for longer

1. Schedule Post-Float Relaxation Time

Although sometimes the only hour you may have is during your lunch break at work, scheduling even an extra 5-10 additional minutes after your float to let your mind refocus can make a huge difference. Instead of rushing off to your next task, let your mind ease it's way back into the real world by giving it just a few extra minutes after each session. 


2. Ease Back Into Technology

The last thing you need after an hour of relaxation is to read about your neighbor's latest drama on Facebook or listen to radio clip about our failing economy. When it comes to technology immediately after your float, either shut it off or turn the volume down. 


3. Stay Hydrated & Watch What You Eat

Floating is not only therapeutic but it's also a great tool for detoxifying your body. Drinking water helps to continue flushing out any toxins in the body. Also, try and avoid drinks such as coffee or soda, which can actually dehydrate you more. 

Then there's the saying, "you are what you eat." Therefore, after a float when you are feeling refreshed and energized it's best to eat healthy foods that support your mood, rather than eating a candy bar that's filled with sugar and is bound to make your mind crash and body feel sluggish. 


4. Avoid Strenuous Activity

For the next day to two, try and take it easy to preserve that energized and refreshed feeling. You may even want to consider incorporating some yoga or stretching into your routine to reconnect with your body and mind. 


5. Journal and Take Time to Reflect

It's important to acknowledge and write down how you're feeling for the next couple of days after your float session. Maybe you finally got a good night's sleep for the first time in a while, or you've noticed an improvement in your overall mood. Taking time to journal and reflect on your feelings will help you determine what's working in your floating routine (and maybe even what's not). 

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6. Build On Your Momentum

Learning to calm your mind and let go is a discipline that takes time and practice. By combining floating with other relaxation techniques at home such as deep breathing or guided meditations, you can begin take your relaxation to the next level and may even be able to achieve a feeling similar to a float outside of the tank. 


7. Invest In More Regular Floats

With the availability of float centers and the Zen Float Tank, there's no excuse not to incorporate floating more regularly into your routine.  Not to mention that the effects of floating are cumulative — the more often you float, the better it is for you!

We hope these tips help you to extend your post-float bliss, allowing the wonderful effects of floating to carry over into your everyday life. 


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