Shane Launches His First Book on Floating

It's an exciting week around here at Zen Float Co. Between the launch of Shane's new book, The Float Tank Cure, and the annual Float Conference taking place in Portland, Oregon later this week, we have been busy prepping for both events. 

Shane prepping and signing over 400+ books for the upcoming Float Conference.

Shane prepping and signing over 400+ books for the upcoming Float Conference.

But let's go back for a second to Shane's new book. Because not only is it a big deal for him (*round of applause for Shane*), but it's a big deal for our entire industry.

It's no secret that floating has been on the rise and trending in the news lately. Yet, you'll still run into people ALL THE TIME who have no idea what floating is or don't understand what it's all about. In Shane's new book, The Float Tank Cure: Free Yourself of Stress, Anxiety and Pain the Natural Way, he dives deeper into the benefits of floating and how it is helping change lives all over the world.

In the book, not only will you get to read about his personal journey to finding the float cure but you'll hear from many others who have experienced the cure too. If nothing else, you'll feel inspired and have a better understanding of why floating is such a powerful, natural tool for a balanced and healthy life

Unlike other books in the industry that can be harder to comprehend or were written before the modern days of floating, Shane does a really great job of explaining floating as it is today without using any confusing terminology or language. The Float Tank Cure is the perfect book to introduce people to the concept floating but can also provide insight on the continued practice of floating for experienced floaters.

We are so excited for Shane and his new book on floating. Please help support the industry of floating by purchasing a copy here and sharing it with your family, friends and coworkers. Everyone deserves to know about the benefits and healing powers of floating–and this is a great place to start.