Introducing the Zen Float Tent – Version 1.5

Existing users have asked, we’ve listened to the requests, and now we’re proud to announce the recent release of a new set of product upgrades for the Zen Float Tent. These upgrades show our strong, ongoing commitment to the original vision of getting everyone floating at home affordably.  Anyone that purchases a Zen Float Tent moving forward will receive these upgrades and to accommodate our pre-run floaters from the first production we will offer exclusive access to the upgraded components at reduced prices.

Upgrades as of June 2015



  • Float in complete silence! The float temperature controller circuit board has been completely re-worked with a solid state relay and the sensitivity has been updated to 0.5 degrees. This will both reduce the frequency of the controller turning on and off and also provide a totally silent operation to ensure a click-free float.


  • No more messy cords! The inline GFCI's have been upgraded and replaced for an external GFCI of a well known top brand. This allows for a more customized setup for your float tent.




Bio Film

#1 Recommended Upgrade for Existing Customers!

#1 Recommended Upgrade for Existing Customers!

  • One single pump, high-powered UV filtration system. In response to some users reports of bio film build up we have created a higher-powered pump and filtration system to give more water circulation. This means cleaner water, faster filtration times, and overall easier maintenance. From months of testing we believe this is the answer for those experiencing the issue. Click Here to read more about the filtration system upgrade.


  • More room to float! From user feedback from the first production of tents we have incorporated this common tent hack by adding resin coated neodymium magnets into the cover to hold the flaps around the tank flat against the sides. This maximizes the amount of floating space inside so you can solely focus on your float.


  • No more floating pumps! Two magnetic pump straps have been incorporated into the tank to hold the pumps in place.




  • No more bulging legs! A new strap that goes under the tank has been added to help keep the two center legs in place along.




  • Lastly, we've added a pre-filter pump that removes hair and debris.





Your Feedback Matters

This all couldn't have been possible without the feedback we have received from our existing customers.  We always knew our product was good but we have been striving to make it great and we feel confidently that these new features have helped us accomplish that. 

We want to thank all of our first run floaters for standing behind our product and working with us to continue to improve it. We welcome your ongoing feedback in our forum at or by reaching out to us directly at  Keep a lookout for more product and feature releases as they become available. Happy floating!




The Zen Float Co Team


Other FAQ

How do I go about getting these upgrades if I am an existing customer? 

To honor our existing Zen Float Tent we are offering exclusive pricing to the upgrades in a few weeks as soon as all the parts become available.  Please wait for an email to come directly from us that will explain the process of requesting the upgrades. These upgrades will not be sold directly in our online store, only through purchasing the new version of the Zen Float Tent. 

What about if I purchased a Zen Float Tent for June Delivery, will I still receive these upgrades? 

The good news is anyone who purchased a Zen Float Tent for June Delivery will receive these upgrades. We had originally planned on shipping earlier in the month of June, but instead decided to offer these upgrades immediately and delay shipping until the end of June.  

Why the price change?

We had to increase the price of the tent ever so slightly from $1,700 to $1,850 in order to cover the cost of these new features.  We believe the extra amount is worth it for the benefit these upgrades will provide to improve and also enhance your floating experience at home.