How to Move the Water in Your Float Tank

Inevitably, every Zen Float Tent Owner is going to get to a point where they need to move the water in their float tank. Whether it’s to move the location of the float tank itself or it’s finally time to change out the existing water for new water, there will be a lot of water weight to tackle when you finally cross that path. 

Luckily, we’ve figured out a simple solution to move your float tank water fast and efficiently. Don’t panic, it’s pretty affordable too! So, in case you are wondering, “How in the world do I move 200+ gallons of saltwater?”  We’ll show you our best method.


Supplies You’ll Need

Transferring the Water

With the supplies mentioned above, transferring your water between different locations has never been easier. Simply use a sump pump with a hose attachment to pump the water from your float tent to the kiddie pool. Once you have your float tent perfectly situated in it’s new location, simply pump the water from the kiddie pool back into the float tent. It really is that easy! And the whole process can be done in under an hour.

Discarding the Water

If it’s come time to replace your existing water for fresh water and salt, the process is even easier. Simply follow the steps above but instead of pumping the water from your float tank into a kiddie pool, you can discard of your water directly onto your yard or driveway, down a bathtub drain or outside into to a sewer drain.  

Other Considerations

  • If you are transferring your water, make sure the water is cleaned and filtered before transferring to the new location. 

  • The water hose must be long enough to transfer the water between point A and point B. Be sure to estimate your hose length beforehand.

  • Make sure the float tank is moved to the exact new location that you desire. Once you start pumping the water back into the tank, it will be rather impossible to move or make any further adjustments.

  • This is a good time to add additional insulation underneath the tent if you are using your float tank on concrete or cold tile flooring.