Zen Float Co: One Year Later

One year ago today, the Zen Float Tent was officially funded on Kickstarter and the vision of our company as we know it was born.  To say we are amazed by how far we have come in just one year would be an understatement.  Each and every day the amount of people that are able to float at home increases and we are proud to announce that we now have hundreds of float tents running all across America and worldwide.

Zen Float Company has taken the home floating industry to a whole new level and has made a product that we believe is changing people’s live for the better. We’ve received numerous amounts of testimonials, photos, videos, and even written letters from our customers about how much of a difference floating regularly has improved their health, happiness, and overall well-being.  The dream we had before we launched our Kickstarter campaign was always to make floating more accessible so more people could experience the powerful effects of floating at home. We had no idea it would happen so fast and that we would receive so much positive feedback along the way.

At the end of the day though, we haven’t forgotten that we only exist because of all of you. Our Kickstarter Campaign was one of the most successful campaigns in Utah history and it made a huge difference having the support that we did in order to get to our start.  

Celebrating the funding of our campaign one year ago. Pictured from the left: Sean, Will (on the android), and Shane, the three founders of Zen Float Company. 

Celebrating the funding of our campaign one year ago. Pictured from the left: Sean, Will (on the android), and Shane, the three founders of Zen Float Company. 

Over the course of this last year we have been incredibly focused on promoting and perfecting our float tent for the best home float experience possible. But this is only half of the customer experience equation.  The other half is operational excellence in how we service our customers and interact with them - on the phone, online, in our forums, and through our social media channels.  We do acknowledge that we can still do a better job with our customers to make sure each interactions is excellent…from the moment a customer orders a tent, to the time of setup, to how we respond to any issues, and the length of time between responses.

We have made significant changes including the hiring of an additional staff member. In November of 2014 we brought on our dedicated customer service rep, Mason. He’s your go-to for anything and everything in relation to questions, concerns, product support, and whatever else you might need assistance with. His sole responsibility is to ensure that all of our customers are being taken care of and because he is the only customer service team rep, you’ll never be confused by who you might have spoken with or feel like you’ve been placed on the phone with some random call center employee.  

Feedback from our floaters is also extremely important to us here at Zen Float Co.  We’ve sent out surveys to all of our customers that had purchased a float tent from the very beginning of our Kickstarter Days through January of 2015. The amount of response we received back was tremendous! We have been using every bit of that information to help improve our business and products as we make changes moving forward.  

When we first launched the Zen Float Tent we knew it was really good but not quite great. However, your feedback over this last year has given us the tools and information necessary to make it great. Though it’s not yet been officially announced, we have a new set of upgraded components being released next month that we know will make all the difference in how our product performs. More details to come about this soon but we know you are going to love it.  

We also sent out a survey a few months back asking what accessories you would like to see provided with the Zen Float Tent and since then we have released T-shirts, maintenance & replacement parts, and the My Zen App.  We are also in the works of testing out underwater speakers and some other exciting stuff that we know all of our customers will be pumped about.  

Lastly, the Zen Float Co Forum has been a huge resource for many of our customers to connect and share their voice.  After many requests of a new forum design that allows for better navigability and organization, we are proud to have a redesigned a forum that we feel will help our community better connect online. Please check it out here. We were not able to move over all of the old forum conversations, but you can still view and search through them for important information.  

Looking forward, we see a great deal of potential ahead.  Some of our previous setbacks will transition into successes and we see hundreds of float tents as simply the beginning of a huge revolution. We’re excited to have you all along for the ride with us. Thank you so much for all of your support.  

A little flashback to one year ago when we found out that the Zen Float Tent was going to be a reality.